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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 01:27 pm
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Why does Spiderman always seem like a whinging whiner of the first order?

I get that he's poor, he was a freelance photographer before there were internet coffee shops where the unemployedfreelancers could be together during the day and pretend they had jobs in company. (Peter Parker hasn't gotten a real job since 1975 in my experience.)

I get that he feels responsible for getting his Uncle Ben killed... but he wasn't the one who did that and someone should have gotten him therapy until he understood that the killer killed and the killer alone is responsible. That Peter cannot know the future outcome and yes, the world would be a better place if we all did more than our part, but he's not responsible for what happened. It's not like there's this social contract where since we've invested 87 billion dollars on his superhero power development and 12 years of training and we can expect him to save us. We're all grown ups too and one of us could have tripped the killer.

On the other hand, it allows nerds and geeks who are otherwise disenfranchised to be secretly totally important. The world cannot get along without Peter Parker being Spiderman. It's worth it to lie to his frail Aunt May, his only remaining family. It's worth it to make his leagues-out-of-his-league girlfriend Mary Jane (and how the fuck did they get away with that? there's a reason she's mostly called MJ since the 90s.) believe he's cheating and irresponsible and unreliable. It's worth it to be a failure at having an adult life--- doing schoolwork, being a researcher, having a part-time job, trying to get to the point where being a man is something he does all the time rather than accidentally.

Compare this with the typical introvert who doesn't have a lot of friends, who actually flakes on their minimal friends a lot because they're all introverts too and no one minds bailing at the last minute when they'd rather stay home anyway, they don't really have a lot of access to the desired sexual objects and they tend to mistreat them out of cluelessness, and they generally suck at being grown ups with responsibilities.

Now just imagine if the reason for that wasn't that you're a loser without social skills or empathy or the willingness to put forth any effort.... if the reason was that you were actually amazing on the inside.

Spiderman is a geek's social pornography.

Which is why it makes no sense that he's still whining about it 40 years later.

Also... Stan Lee is kind of an abusive parent to his heroes.


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