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Okay, having watched all the available Teen Wolf episodes, I started to look for fanfic.

it's totally underwhelming.

I looked on AO3 and seriously 90% of it is slash and most has Derek/Stiles. WTF?
1) There are actually decent female characters on the show.
2) Stiles is canonically attracted to Lydia because she's super smart... so why would he be interested in a grubby homeless man who continually does no research or thinking?
3) Statutory rape anyone? Oh yeah, that's exactly the dominant pairing we want for our fandom.

I don't like slashfic. At all. So I was looking for a fandom that had tolerable female characters and *all* of these were better than Hermione Granger even if I wasn't completely thrilled by their behavior. But what do I find? The female characters are paired up with each other on the rare instance where they exist and the rest of the time the pairings are chosen to be the least logical and least canonically viable and the goal seems to be to have them have really ridiculously slashy sex. (Slashy sex is where an m/m scene is written by a female writer who has clearly never seen a naked man, never met anyone gay, and has very little personal experience.)

When I feel better I'm going to keep looking for another source, there's got to be somewhere that has het ships. Or gen fic. I'd *love* to read the introspection Scott's mom goes through when she goes from "give them what they want" to "fight the good fight".


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