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I have a new peeve about AO3. Authors who do not correctly categorize their fic (m/m, f/m, f/f) who then announce at the top of the story that it is slash and if we don't like [it] we shouldn't read [it]. The entire point of the categories, the archive warnings, the naming conventions for pairings, official tags... is so I can sift through the 33000 Teen Wolf stories and come up with the things I do like and do want to read without seeing yet another nearly-pedophilic rape fic accidentally.

Additionally, the Teen Wolf fanbase are obsessed with a pairing that I really don't understand the attraction of. It's like they've never seen the show. There are at most 15% non-slash (including genfic) stories in the TW fandom on AO3. For a show that's got a single token gay character and actually canonically heterosexual characters, I'm kind of astounded.

But the choice of pairing gets me. We have the scruffy, unemployed, homeless, unwashed, fuck-up of an Alpha werewolf in Derek Hale who is at least early 20s; and the researching, smart, highschool-age sidekick who can actually get shit done who is fairly normal despite his life's tragedy and who canonically is crushing on Lydia because of her massive intelligence. Exactly *what* happened there? There is absolutely zero reason for that to happen.

It wouldn't surprise me at all for Scott's mom to have a bad relationship with Derek... And it wouldn't completely surprise me if Derek was not so picky in his gender preferences.

It's bizarre that the first fandom I've found with intelligent female characters is completely overrun by an m/m pairing that's non-consenting, unrealistic, and AU.


oddly this reminds me of the show Eureka where the Sheriff's bio made him merely 16 years older than his daughter.

Writers can really suck at details.
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