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Friday, 23 January 2015 09:50 pm
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Dear Fanfic Authors:

If you are posting on AO3:
1. Please do not put the entire story into the tags. (100+ tags per story is ludicrous.)
2. Please do not mark your story as "gen" if it has gender-bending characters. That's not what that means.
3. If your story is 96% Steve/Tony with a brief reference to Tony and Pepper from the movies, your story is still M/M, please use the appropriate category.

Also, characterization. Editing. Having an idea for a story, not just some thin wrapper for erotica. Also, just so you know, even if you write Captain America as a hand-wringing girly man who doesn't know if Iron Man really likes him... then it magically works out and they fuck? THEY WILL NOT WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM.

In the 1970s I started hearing people talking about girl-girl pornography and how sexy it was. Skeevy men (usually fathers with children because those were the only adult males I encountered when I was a child) would be overheard saying, "They're just waiting for a man!"

When middle-aged women write about two men having sex together, it sounds just like that to me. I wonder what it would be like to read M/M erotica written by men. They don't even have to be gay men. Just someone who has an idea what it's like to have a penis. Most of these stories are terrible. Some are just logistically impossible---- if there are 5 hands in your scene, you'd better have told me who else is there. Some seem biologically impossible. But no one writing this stuff seems to have any idea what it feels like to be a man. So they write women with magical men's bodies where the asshole works just like a vagina.

Pretty much I'd like to never read that ever. So use the tags and stop leaving your shit all over the other categories.


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