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There is one of those memes going around where you rank all the things that are on the list when you get it, strike one, and add three. Which, if it went on for very long would make for a really long list.

I'm not participating because, even though I feel VASTLY better this year... enough to realize that actually other people have woe and I haven't gotten a complete monopoly.... so far none of my doctors have found a medication that makes anything more than vaguely tolerable or something that needs doing.

Apparently that's what they call "depression". I disagree. I think I'm so incredibly used to not being allowed to like things (abusive relationships tend to screw that up) that I don't want to waste my attention on something unworthy. I can tell if I dislike something.

The zen koan, "There is nothing I dislike." ---- yeah, still makes me want to punch everyone who is even in the room when someone rattles that off like some sort of panacea. I'm PROUD of being able to dislike things. Without that, I probably wouldn't care at all.

So let me give a few things about today that I had an opinion about.
1. scrambled egg on arugula for dinner. that's just fabulous. dead simple. it is essential that the egg be cooked in butter.
2. apparently I didn't ruin a friendship on Friday despite being quite upset.
3. someone told me about walnut yeast bread.
4. I do love walnuts.
5. I'm going to lunch tomorrow with a friend.
6. I can't sleep.
7. Audio books can be downloaded to my phone from the public library... free..... this is awesome. but it would be better if they could be convinced to get all four books in any one Tamora Pierce series instead of a random position book in every series.
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