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I'm still here. I don't have nothing to say, but there's so much to say that this isn't going to work for me. I want to have people hear me, but I'm tired of listening to me, so I can't imagine anyone else would put up with it.

This place really needs a phone app.

I do like the mostly text concept and without gobs of pictures it loads really well. I want to have friends who have stuff to say not just random images they've linked. I have a pinterest account though, so I can't talk. I wasn't wrong about that, by the way. It's a bunch of pictures with no provenance, so it becomes, "These are things that exist, but you can't have them."

Though I apparently need to choose a new layout here because too many things are impossible to read due to custom formating.

Tonight I listened to several women admit that they are uninterested in the specific color things are. I'm actually the pickiest one.

I still hate that "Happy" song. I'm not sure why we favor one extreme pathology over another.

Why do I feel obligated to get the sedate blue thing instead of the purple version of things?
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