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Saturday, 12 December 2015 10:32 pm
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So, it's winter. That means the days are shorter and the nights last forever.

It's also holiday season and end-of-year. (Guaranteeing that you'll need someone who is on vacation for the whole month with no substitute.) "Holidays are family time." is what I hear everywhere. It makes me understand Scrooge and Grinch. After you've been told flat out that nothing good includes you, some curmudgeonliness makes sense. The reason all the Whos down in Whoville make all that noise Noise NoIsE NOISE is to taunt the Grinch with celebrations he's not invited to. They're not very nice neighbors.

I'm in one of those intermittent stable periods, so I'm stressed about taxes and health insurance but not actually sick. Well, theoretically. My psychological and psychiatric issues destroyed my physical health for a while.

Facebook people I know have been grief-stricken lately. I will reach through the "series of tubes" and punch the next person who tells me I don't understand how much it hurts to lose part of your family because their goldfish kicked off. It's not quite that bad, but close.

I'm reading the DM/HG Advent stories, but otherwise haven't been reading fic. AO3 has all these database features to warn people of triggering things but most authors don't bother. Some of them are even proud of it. Most of them are morons who can't figure out tagging either.

I need a new hobby, but have no ideas. Just that none of the old ones are fun. It's hard to read a book. I take breaks to finish 45 minutes of Netflix. I want to do something that might allow me to engage with others who enjoy my pastime. Or I want to do something valuable.
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