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There was a meme someone else did and it didn't interest me except the last question which asked something about funerary preferences.

I have non-binding instructions. After I discovered that my state requires a coffin for cremation and thus cardboard ones are sold for $100 or so, that was what I suggested. It turns out that one may write on the cardboard. I also suggested that a set of markers should be available for any last messages that should be burned into "the afterlife" with my corpse.

And, depending on the mortuary, there might be unpleasantly practical things written on the box of dead person... it really seems like the people who know me could do better than annotating the lack of jewelry or pacemaker. (I do wonder if a pacemaker means one cannot be cremated.)

I mean, I'd like a viking funeral with the burning ship and everyone watching, but that seems beyond reasonable expectations. :-)

Date: 6 Aug 2016 03:42 am (UTC)
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For my part I nearly didn't post it after being lukewarm about so many of the answers.... Markers on cardboard sound like a good idea, actually. I've been to a true open-coffin funeral (with a Protestant minister and a US flag (vet) and everything), and I wouldn't put anyone through that even if I had religious faith. Sitting shiva is a lovely tradition if one sits voluntarily.... So many traditions around death seem a bit like punishment for the living, down to how much alcohol is often consumed at wakes.


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