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And I got more invite codes if someone out there is lurking and in need of one.

I keep thinking I should use one of the codes to start a group thing myself, but my interests are myriad and I don't have anything I feel passionate enough about to spawn a group and deal with the irritation factor.

I'm still looking for a het-friendly fantasy/magic fandom with enough canon to be self-supporting fic-wise. (I have zero interest in the actual fandom aspects where people manufacture drama because they are too naive to have had an actual crisis happen in their lives.) One of the reasons I'm still reading Harry Potter fic is there's still, even after the series finale, more fic per day in that fandom than in any other fandom out there. Even after I exclude all the nasty underage slash written by lesbian teenagers and most of the content, there is still enough to be a huge fraction of my overall reading time.

ETA: I was going to comment on one of my rlist friends' posts which touches on this idea of fic. But absolutely nothing they've ever mentioned was het or even gen. It's all slash all the time and even some of the ghastly RP shit. So I quietly closed the window instead of leaving a comment, because asking if they ever read anything I might like is really rude. It's too bad I didn't grab a copy first because some of the phrasing I used was awesome. [end ETA]

I could use more crafts inspiration, but I'm going to lurk in any DW group about that because of the photo-posting issues.

I like it here.

Friday, 21 May 2010 06:34 pm
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I cleared out the residual content from my LJ today. Not that I've been posting to it in 2 years, but it was a hassle to delete everything.

I like it here where I don't have to worry about someone reporting me for using curse words in public while they let picture comms with photos of the "full Britney" slide by.

I like the separation between the people I read and the people I want in my life. (Though I'm detesting the social pressure to add everyone to the access list. If I did that, it would be meaningless because locked posts would be locked to a subset. Right now there just aren't any locked posts because I'm pretty much the only one who can see them so they might as well be private anyway.)

Ducking flames.

Friday, 21 May 2010 10:51 am
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You know a feature I'd like to see for my DW? I want to be able to set certain people to be screened. Not that the whole post is screened, though obviously if I was doing this, I'd have to screen anonymous comments too. *pause* [OK anonymous comments are screened. I realize that with the IP logging, CAPTCHA, and screening; I've pretty much completely discouraged anonymous commenters.]

That way the people who have the intent to be vicious for whatever reason (engaging in personal attacks when the discussion was about an abstract concept) and have demonstrated it elsewhere would not appear to anyone else. Then when I banned them it would be reasonable which it is not if the discussion takes place elsewhere.

I hate the idea that I'm giving someone who intends to flame me a forum, even temporarily. Because vitriolic attacks against me in my own space are only going to convince other people that I'm some sort of masochist and that I like it when people try to hurt me.

What's weird about this is that none of these people who have done this have actually come to my space. I'm probably worrying over nothing because anyone who attacks me elsewhere and shows up here with anything other than an apology is a troll and trolling takes a lot of time that's better spent doing something else.

It was Friday.

Friday, 16 April 2010 09:50 pm
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I don't want to be one of those annoying people who posts constant fitness updates, because it irritated me to be on the receiving end of it. It is, however, one of the biggest changes in my life and something that's a huge part of my focus because it's new.

I am liking my gym membership. I feel like it helps me. But I fucking gained weight from it so far. Good thing I wasn't looking to be losing weight from this. I figure if I'm healthy and more muscular, the weight will take care of itself and I will feel more energetic and more interested in doing active-ish things which will also keep me on a better path.

It does, however, suck down an enormous amount of time. I ended up at the grocery store at 4pm... It's a small store and when it gets crowded, it's logistically difficult to move around.


I have been craving crunchy food. However, apples are very crunchy. I bought a bag of apples and have been eating all the apples I want. It's totally fine to have a second apple. (Especially compared to a second bowl of chips.)

I really need a cucumber now though. Or homemade pickles. I should make pickles. Mostly I want a normal size cucumber and the ones at the store are almost 2 feet long for the English kind and about 3-4" thick for the local ones. (I've often wondered about those "erotic" guides that suggest one use a peeled cucumber as a penis substitute... some of these cucumbers would emasculate a blue whale.)

I bought avocados, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, tangerines, red leaf lettuce... and a box of frozen waffles made out of food (seriously, they've just got the kinds of ingredients I'd use if I owned a waffle iron.)

I had all these food ideas and I bought stuff to make everything that came to mind. Except curry... I bought the lamb but forgot to buy the curry sauce and fancy potatoes. I'll freeze the lamb and we'll do it some other time. Lamb was on sale... and I just spaced the curry sauce.


Been seeing a lot of people gearing up for 3 weeks for Dreamwidth. I'd say I'm participating... but it's nothing new. Zero entries from here have been crossposted to other sites. Therefore all my content here is DW exclusive.

But I hope it means a lot of the groups become more active. I feel like an idiot if I'm the only one posting in a group. Doubly so when the group doesn't have a lot of previous posts already because who knows if that's what's intended?

I would like to say that I am going to use this as a creative push where I will write and share something every day. But ha! like that's going to happen now that I'm not writing any fic. It's all original work and it's hard. There are very few snippet level things I can do unless you have familiarity with the characters and you can't because I haven't written anything else starring them yet. It's also hard to share because there's more of me in this. It isn't hard to share because I worry that my work will not be publishable if I put it up here... My work won't be publishable because I'm not an extroverted person who can schmooze well enough to get an agent, let alone all the social-networking stuff that makes books sell. I'm not going to be a financial success as a writer anyway, so there's no loss potential.


Recently the show In Plain Sight introduced a new character, an over-Marshal played by Allison Janney. The character's name is "Allison". The main character is played by Mary McCormack and the character's name is "Mary". I'm really disturbed by that. It seems so MarySue that they're importing people from The West Wing in bits and drabs and having them play self-named characters. It's only those two, but it's not actually funny to me.

That's it for tonight.
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New troll policy being implemented. If you leave an anonymous comment, either put your name / moniker / nickname/lj / dw / blog on it or have it be subject to deletion. Or even a "Hey, it's me. I'll send you an email so you know which me."

I want to take anonymous comments because there are a number of people who do not have DW accounts and OpenID is a real PITA if you don't have slutty cookies active in your browser.

TV meme thing... got an anonymous comment saying that Anon's sister had a disease so I'm being intolerant in assuming the Mentalist actress had plastic surgery and [am a horrible person for thinking] she's uglier now than she was. Seriously. Because Anon has a sister who has a disease, actresses don't get bad plastic surgery? It's hard to imagine how that's not a troll.

And I took the fucking bait.

Actress suddenly goes from looking normal to having bizarrely over-sized and up-turned lips and double-wide cheekbones... that's going to be bad plastic surgery, not an undisclosed illness. If it is some sort of illness, it would be widely publicized because people who make their living based on how they look will take any excuse.

TV show posts usually feel like crossing a shadowy bridge because they bring out all the trolls.

Normally I don't think it's necessary to announce comment policy changes. My [sub-let] space, my choice of enforcement [within the DW policy]. But I felt the need to offer the wet noodle of chastisement to anyone who saw me bite the troll bait.

Three weeks.

Saturday, 20 March 2010 05:15 pm
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There's been some discussion of the DW anniversary and "three weeks for Dreamwidth" where people post exclusive content here instead of crossposting (I think that's what they mean.)

I'm ready to leave LJ entirely except for 2 people with occasional locked posts. I'm not having problems with LJ login cookies, but the LJ people seem really underwhelming.

What had kept me from thinking of DW as a really good community was that I didn't really know anyone here. Most social things fail if you don't have a friend who can make introductions. The friending meme might have helped with that, we shall see.

I'm not entirely convinced it will work because I'm really annoying and abrasive; people leave. Of course having them hang around for a few years is no proof against that. Surprisingly though, there are people who are willing to accept me with my contrary and contradictory opinions.
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((The subject line makes more sense if you read all the way to the end.))

There is a giant non-fandom friending meme started by [personal profile] liv

It's interesting and I would like more DW friends, but there are 30 screens of comments. The people all blur together (and that's just from the first page) and it's hard to pick someone to start with. Not to mention the ones whose blurbs about themselves make them obviously incompatible with my paradigm. (I promise I'm not being narrow-minded, but just thinking that's not how you make friends. "Oh I'll find someone I disagree with fundamentally and then read their stuff and see if we get along!")

I'm almost 40, unemployed, formerly geekish, and really bloody irritating.

I post a lot about what I'm thinking, what I've been doing (especially when it can be encapsulized), and use this space to argue my own viewpoint without being interrupted.

A lot of the locked posts (which are about 5% of content) are locked because they are more identifying than is preferable or about money (which offends people unless you're poor, then they're just bored by the topic.) There are sometimes writing discussions or cooking discussions. I often make reference to my knitting and spinning but don't post those things here. But I try to post most days and to vary my conversation.

Somehow I wouldn't even bother reading someone who described themselves like that. It's true. And I'm sure those of you who actually think I'm annoying whether you like me or not are glad I've become aware of it finally.

So I can either leave a comment on that post describing myself in a truthful but unattractive way, or I can treat it like a resume [please to be inserting the correct accent marks to get *rez zoo meh* sounding in your mental text-to-speech] where the truth is like rod iron in sculpture, bent until it appears aesthetically pleasing.
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I have a definitive sign of a bad restaurant.

If it makes you vomit, it's a bad restaurant.

This could, potentially, be an unfair assignment of blame, but as long as I don't care if other people go there, I am certainly free to think it is a bad restaurant for me.


I want a custom mood theme. Are there people who make them and share them so I do not have to create it myself?


I read two pulp romances by Nora Roberts. I can see why they were republished in a conjoined volume, Dreammakers; they were the same book. I did really enjoy one aspect from the first book, where there is a discussion about people from different worlds and how sometimes there isn't a compromise. I believe that myself. This was some ridiculous tale about a woman lion trainer, the conflict coming between people who are circus folk and people who are not. You can't be both an itinerant and settled.

Personally I think there are a lot of these crux issues in relationships and this is how societal expectations can influence what people do. It's not possible to be a couple that both does and doesn't have children, for example. There cannot be a compromise on the issue because people who want children don't want to just borrow them for the weekend or foster the broken kids for several weeks until they're sent back to hell. But society expects that every couple will produce children. It's actually hard to find people who don't until you've already chosen for yourself. Most people in the situation seem to compromise by having children that one of them doesn't want because there is so much pressure to conform.


I've got flowers in my garden pots.
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Someone did a new group today, [community profile] followfriday.

It has comments where people plug their favorite DW users, comms, or feeds. Not all of the recommendations are interesting, but I found a few people and a feed.

I don't have DW people I want to recommend necessarily and I would never expect to be of interest to the random world at large myself. But since I enjoyed it, I figured I should mention it to other people.

One of the problems of DW is the same as it was with LJ, that you have to know people here in order to meet people. It's a lot like a cocktail party. No one comes up to talk to the person who came in alone.

The modern world is becoming a lot more strange. The more people there are around, the fewer of them want to be friends. I think some of it is that most people are surrounded by friends all the time and they are trying to treat you like they would want to be treated. Some of it might be that they're always surrounded by friends, so someone who is alone is obviously some sort of psychopath. But I have definitely noticed that one must bring one's own friends. I guess when I go out alone, everyone thinks "She must not want company or she would have phoned a friend."

dw + yahoo

Sunday, 11 October 2009 03:59 pm
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Some problem exists with comment notifications. Hopefully it gets better. If you think I'm holding my breath and ignoring you; I promise, it's not that.

ETA: Yahoo mail didn't tell me I wasn't logged in. I could still see and open/close messages in the current window but it had stopped retrieving new things. That is quite pathetic of them.
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I should probably drop one of the DW news notifications, because as interesting as the progress is (and it is interesting to me), I don't need 3 copies.

The cable works just dandy now. The magic serial cable channel changer does just work. I really have no idea why they would ship the boxes with that setting borked on purpose without it being a big section in the help and without the customer service people mentioning it.

The TiVo successfully recorded the season intro to House. I didn't like it. I found it extremely depressing. I didn't understand it either because the point seemed to be that House was defective because he is isolated from people emotionally and socially. But House is supposed to be this genius doctor, so most people are mentally inferior to him. Why would he want to interact with them? I don't understand it.

But then again, my doctor asked me why I struggle with things and I said, "I don't like people very much." This got a visible reaction of surprise and shock. Doctors have to be extroverted. They deal with the public day in and day out. They have to listen to strangers and touch people's flesh. So I should probably guess that my doctor thinks of introversion as non-treatment-indicated delusion.

That makes me surprised House made it to the pinnacle of success his career indicated because dramatic license would not assuage the requirement for the character's extroversion. But the smart doctors who like people generally all seem like they're less talented medically. I certainly believe that extroverts are less talented intellectually than introverts. They must be because so much time is wasted Hail Fellowing and because so many unqualified people get jobs via modern nepotism [they call it "networking" but it's really institutionalized discrimination] that extroverts would have no need to actually be talented.

I'm reading What A Dragon Should Know by G.A. Aiken. I am liking it except it keeps head-hopping and everyone has [ridiculous string of consonants like someone's gotten beyond-the-stereotype Welsh confused with [ancient Norse]] names that all look the same. The main characters are called Dagmar and Gwen(something). Want to guess which is the woman? Yeah, Dagwood's the woman and GwenStefani is the dragon-man. Next we're going to meet the rest of Dagwood's useless family of morons, but shockingly they're not the Harlem Black Girls, they have [more shake a bingo-ball tumbler full of letters] names! Though Dagwood's father does fully admit he can't be arsed to remember his son's names. I definitely missed something by starting with book 3.
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So, if I see something interesting on the "network" page, can I comment? I don't believe in the geek social fallacies that a friend of my friend is my friend, plus I'm having a lot of personal friend friction anyway, so probably the foaf knows me as, "That bitch who's so horrible to my good friend, _____."

I'm not going to make friends this way, am I?

Anyway, someone was asking about death euphemisms, like passed on, etc.

I usually say "died." but if someone bitches at me complains about my lack of "polite euphemisms"; then I say, "[He/She/It] went to live on a nice farm upstate with a good family and lots of room to run around and play!" Because I think a euphemism should be ridiculously obvious and preferably sarcastic enough that there is no doubt.
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Bonus, with the DW code push, my reading page went back to filling my screen instead of having a bunch of useless "whitespace" framing the content.

I got a strange phone call saying there was a problem with my SO's health insurance. Now. We did just use the insurance cards for the first time so I wasn't hugely surprised. But I'm not supposed to give out my SO's cell number (obviously) and the caller didn't want to leave a message. So I asked where she was calling from. She gave a company name that we're not doing business with. So I said we had different insurance and she asked for my SO's DOB. I told it to her.

I mentioned this in an IM to my SO, and he said there was a scam going around and chided me for giving out private information so freely.

I really don't know what to say about that. Obviously I shouldn't have volunteered it, but DOB is relatively minor and it cleared the up the problem instantly. But if it had been a scam, it still would have cleared the problem instantly.

Knowing what I would tell someone else who posted this, I went and googled the number. Thankfully it's actually owned by the company she said she was calling from. CallerID can be spoofed, but that's a lot of effort compared with blocking the information. I admit I would have been more taciturn had it been "out of area".


Update on the podcast fetching software. Juice really really bites. It doesn't allow me to use VLC to view, big strike there; but critically, it cannot detect whether it has already downloaded something. That makes Juice completely worthless and I will be uninstalling it.

If you have recommendations for podcast fetching software (links come via RSS) I would love to hear about it.
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I sometimes haunt the "network" page, which is the DW equivalent of "friendsfriends".

I cannot figure out what the problem is, none of the posts have interested me. If there is a cut tag, I never click for the rest. People who are otherwise interesting intersperse bitchy commentary about their children into everything... I appreciate that because it constantly reaffirms my life choices and because I think if more people heard the honest opinions of parents, they would invest heavily in contraception. (Of course, as soon as you admit you're not bechilded, they start saying how wonderful it is--- which means either they're lying about needing sympathy or they're a fucking liar who wants to damn other people to the same miserable existence.) But I do not want to know those kinds of people better.

The funny thing is that most people make friends by having a shared interest, but intelligent people all seem to be really proudly loner-ish, "I'm not much of a joiner." I would love to join something and feel like I was a welcome part of the membership. However, I am not very gung-ho about anything. I like fanfic, but not enough to invest in the external drama. I like television, but haven't visited even the official sites for my favorites, let alone anything more enthusiastic. I read a lot of books, but it's rare that anyone else has read them. I like to write, but only when I am in the mood. I food in all aspects (buying, meal planning, cooking, not just the eating, I don't even mind cleaning my kitchen.) But the people who also love food love it in a very different way from me. For me it's about having good food every day. That means no high-falluting meals once a month and eating instant oatmeal the other nights to afford it. It means we often eat casserole that is spooned onto a plate, not arranged by a certified structural engineer. I love yarn, but am not all that speedy of a knitter, so I hardly finish anything. I like to spin, but have no use for the yarn when it's done. I watch the news, but my opinions differ from the majority on most subjects. There just doesn't seem to be anything where there is a specific niche for me. There is nowhere that without me would not exist.

I guess that means I need to do more to make my own friends.

invite codes available

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 03:11 pm
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I have a handful of invite codes. If you want one, leave a (screened) comment with a contact method.

rah rah rah

Saturday, 23 May 2009 02:21 pm
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I'm looking to upgrade my layout. I despise the orange and blue monstrosity, but when I tried just changing the colors in the widget, I got truckloads of fail.

I'd also like more icons.

If you, dear reader, would also like these things, feel free to nudge me a little.

It falls in my list of priorities whenever I'm not looking at it.
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I am most excellently pleased! I mailed a money order (never bought one before, they're strange because the pay-to is itty bitty compared to the paid-from) to a semi-random apartment on the wrong coast of the country, thousands of miles away, and this was actually applied to my account here. I was more than half convinced the money would disappear into the ether.

I am the proud owner of a seed account. That means I'm staying and this isn't just a toe-in-the-water while I'm peeved with my other blog hosts. I understand that the seed accounts aren't as good for Dreamwidth as people paying regularly (TiVo had this problem for sure and now my TV viewing is plastered with ads while I have to pay them for it, and I am outraged.) But I am not a big high-end features consumer and we'll be honest, I was with LJ for 7 or 8 years and only had a paid account for a fraction of that time.

Obviously since I have made very few friends since I got my account at DW, I probably don't belong here either, but hey, if the money doesn't vanish into the ether, maybe my shouting won't either!

widening that dream.

Saturday, 16 May 2009 11:14 pm
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If you are reading here and need an invite code, I have 2.
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