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I was re-reading a fic where Harry Potter is at Aunt Marge's funeral. The minister is extolling her virtues as someone who was kind to orphans.

That got me wondering if all funeral eulogies are sarcastic.

I haven't been to many funerals at all. Most of them have been for people who weren't ever alive in my personal experience. Obscure relatives where you're dragged along because your parents couldn't leave you home alone for a week and don't know any sitters in a strange town, yeah? Mostly those.

The exception is my grandmother. It was my experience that she was bitter and nasty. She was also cheap and mean. If there was ever something negative that could be said, her mouth was already open and half-way through saying it before anyone else could even process what the worst comment would be. I can give you an example. I went out of my way to bring my then fiance to meet her. She hadn't seen me in at least 6 years. First thing she says, "You're still fat!" My fiance said, "If this is what your family is like, I don't know that I want to marry you because then I'll have to deal with them." So, my opinion of my grandmother is that she had nothing nice to say ever, about anyone. And that she would go out of her way to be hurtful and destructive whenever and wherever possible.

At my grandmother's funeral, the preacher said that she was well-loved, never had anything bad to say about anyone, and was only dead because Jesus had clasped her to his bosom. There was some commentary about how only the best people go to heaven and because of that he was sure [Grandma's name] would be the jewel there.

If that is what heaven is like, then anyone else sent there would be in hell. She would be that clump of toxic mold found in the middle of a loaf of bread when it was broken.

The only way anyone who had ever spoken to her would be able to say that kind of eulogy is by using mental air quotes and thinking of every word as sarcasm that is just undetectable by idiots and morons.

Or maybe everyone knows this about eulogies.

The goal is to find the most ironic statements and then say those as if they were truth.

I would like a non-ironic funeral service. If when you're speaking you have to say, "She was so blunt, you could never get away with deluding yourself and we all hated her for it." That would be better than lying. I don't want to be haunting my final services and hearing any of you saying, "She was always so nice, never anything but a kind word no matter what trouble you had." We all know that isn't true.
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I'm hoping that if I stare at this empty box, something profound will occur to me to say.

I, um, really like the new Google Reader thingy where it suggests other things you might like and makes subscribing to them from the sidebar easy. I wish there was an easier way to change your mind and unsubscribe--- opening the settings, choosing the subscriptions tab, laboriously grepping for it by hand, and then finally having to click the itty bitty trash can icon that's 4 columns away from the name of the feed. Unsubscribing from things is harder than it should be.

There was some really good stuff with the knitting group, but some really lame stuff. Mostly I just don't feel well after interacting hands-on with a bunch of plague carriers.

Insurance dreck. Hopefully I'll be able to sort it out with a few phone calls, but it looks like my doctor stopped taking my insurance and didn't tell me.

I have Droid envy. I'm so disappointed that we got the Palm Pre phones a month before Droid came out. It seems like someone should have known, but when I asked the Verizon people (by phone and in person at a store) they said it was going to be Black Friday and be a lot more money than what it actually costs. There is a new data package from Verizon too, rivalling the Sprint pricing, albeit for fewer minutes (but I never call people anyway.) And it took at least a dozen hours from both my SO and I to deal with the changeover to Sprint. So if we'd waited a month, everything would have been seamless. I had a few days of overlap between my 30-day trial period and the Droid launch, but I was really angry with the Verizon people for not having a fucking clue.


I'm reading the sequel to Thirteen Orphans by Jane Lindskold, this one is called Nine Gates. This book is decidedly worse for several reasons. 1) It just discards the villains from the previous book as now being on the same page as "our heroes". 2) The head-hopping stuff is still there, still not a chapter-break thing, just the author is a bit Many Faces of Eve. 3) Still using phrasing like "She married a Chinese".

I can't even comprehend how that's not offensive. But maybe that's because the Chinese people I've met told me flat out that India is not in Asia. Maybe it's because I've seen it go from Orientals being the standard word to "Asian" as if Pakistani and Chinese and Syrian people are all the same thing. But to say "a Chinese" without a noun means the person has no other characteristics or personality or value. If I wanted to denigrate someone's European boyfriend, I would say, "dating a German". If I did not want to be disdainful, I would say "a man [or guy] from Germany". Reducing people to a racial adjective is offensive. Just because you share that racial adjective does not make it less offensive. In this case, the character saying this does not share the same ethnic heritage. And it most assuredly does come across as disdainful, bitchy, and hugely offensive. Unfortunately she's a featured character.

4) but the worst part is the info dumps that keep getting inserted. 10, 12, 15 page treatises on this imagined history and why it has absolutely no impact on what is going on now. I'm just bored.


I'm supposed to be coming up with great presents for my SO's family. I would rather not trade gifts with them since we have no idea what they'd like and they have no idea what we'd like. Seems like if we really meant to be "family" then we should put the work in to be closer.
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There has been an unfortunate side effect to all my recent purchases. I cannot think of anything I would like for Christmas. (I do not celebrate Christmas, but that is what my SO's family celebrates and the time of year they send gifts.)

Realistically, no one was going to get me what I wanted. I bought a wool blanket. No one is going to send me a $100 blanket. I bought a mixer. No one was going to send me a $250 mixer. No one would even send me the fancy silk yarn I just ordered unless I specifically requested it.

I have enough money that I can afford to buy things I really want. So if I have to be explicit about what I want, then there is a real probability that I have bought it already.

I'd like to have new glasses. And I'm likely to try to cheap out on buying them. But it's not something that can be given as a gift.

Then there is the inverse problem. I don't know what these people would want from me. Even when it's a shared gift with my SO, so money is no object, I have no ideas.

Pleased overall

Saturday, 24 October 2009 12:56 pm
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I did some great dye work yesterday. me ← pleased.

I know I said I worked on my phone contacts, but since I finished the job after the posting, me ← pleased.

I might have made a new e-friend. me ← pleased. The fact that it's a bechilded and be-grandchilded woman makes me pleased with myself for overcoming a prejudice. I have her Ravatar blocked because it's a squalling baby pic. People who are that into children are obviously not interesting in and of themselves or they'd have some self-identity, right? (My pet peeve is people whose icons or avatars are pictures of someone else. Hello. It's supposed to represent you. How can it possibly do that, when it's already representing who it is?)

I keep looking at books I read and thinking, "I can do better than that." Even if I don't do it, I'm still pleased. I wish I could write something that would reach people and still be something I'd like to read. I only seem to be able to do the emotional body slam when it's something with teeth though. I usually feel like life itself chews me enough that I don't want to read that.

I mistakenly looked at my network page here on DW. Ewwww. How on Earth did I get two steps away from a herd of whiners who all enable each other? (Wait, don't answer that; I know I'm a whiner too.) Remind me next time I feel like slacking to get my doctor to write me a note saying I have a disease that makes me irresponsible but totally willing to jack you over by making commitments I know I can't keep.

I want to be writing. I'm pretty sure I want to be writing. If I could just find a mindset where this is where I worked on writing, I'm sure I could decant some of the swirly stuff in my head. I'm almost assuredly going to be writing more of that weird fore-rhyme poetry.
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I think I have my phone contacts sorted out. What I finally did was add everyone and everything to my gmail contacts and sync from there. Since my phone does email (and that's my preferred medium), it made some sense. It was easier to add the 20 or so phone numbers and clear up the mess that my contacts were in than to fight it.

(Everytime I accidentally touched the sync button, things would be overwritten by the data on my gmail account anyway.)

Strange how much this really brings home the separation of the online world from tangible reality.

It would never have occurred to me to add my mechanic to my email contacts.

But on the other hand, my dentist takes email. So the worlds are getting more synced all the time.

At least I can call people now. I'm starting to have this dread fear of being arrested... they confiscate all your stuff and then allow you one phone call. I've got about zero chance of remembering anyone's phone number. I don't know my phone number without looking. I do know my landline number. I remember my first phone number as a child. Obviously there're some memory allocation issues there.

It became a priority because my SO didn't log in at work this morning and around noon I started to worry that something had happened. But I couldn't send him a text or call because I have no fucking clue what his phone number is. I know the area code and that it has a 4 in it. By the time I'd pulled up the email I'd sent myself (I laboriously typed in all the contents of my old phone's contacts, then emailed it to myself even though I was sitting right here, because then gmail could search for it next year.) he had logged in to *wave*. Obviously I needed to do something about this.
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I feel like I've been carrying around my own little black raincloud.

Of course, if this was a purely psychological thing, I might be tending toward concern since it's been weeks. But it is dramatically affected by the weather. Yesterday it was too hot to sleep with the windows closed, but too polleny to sleep with them open. I took a Benedryl when I woke up at 3am because I was choking from coughing in my sleep. Which made it extremely difficult to wake up 3 hours later.

I also dream weird things while taking cold medicine.

Today I dreamed that I lived in an apartment building/dormitory cross for adults. My friend Chris (of which I have none, despite the name's extreme commonality for my peer group) wanted to move to Japan so I was supposed to feed her cats. But she didn't tell her boyfriend she was leaving and when he showed up to fuck her, I had to ask him where the catfood was.

I guess that's not too strange.

I've reached my limit for new and weird things in my life. Especially if those things have accompanying problems. We've gotten the phone stuff sorted, at least the external stuff. I'm still having problems setting things up on my phone... like contacts. In the beginning I didn't bother because I hated the phone and I hated Sprint. Now I don't really even know how to add people to the contacts list. It imported every single name from my gmail contacts. Random people I one-off emailed? now on my phone. It makes calling someone either extremely difficult or a memory exercise. That will have to get fixed.

My SO bought a new laptop. Buying a new computer is aways fraught with something, and sure enough, it doesn't work.

But I still have these wants. Like I really want new pots for cooking. My main workhorse pot, the bottom is warped. That's annoying for sure, but it feels unsafe when there's a loud POP! once the warp inverts under heat.

I returned a bunch of the bras I bought, partially because they weren't comfortable if I had to bend over, but partially because the old bras I'd set aside because they were too small now fit again.

Today wants more laundry. At least there's nothing new or strange about that.
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I could use some nomenclature discussion.

What do you call it when you're meeting someone for food and hopes that it's going to be something more than a one-off, but there's no sexual component?

And honestly, is the constant expectation of there being a sexual component what made dating so creepy?

I'm feeling a bit weird because I asked out two women today. This is California, but I don't mean it that way. I know for sure that one of them is married (to another woman, actually, but still married is married and therefore taboo.)

[ Thistle' ... this isn't about you, don't take it that way!! You're pretty far away and have the kind of schedule that would require me to be M.C. Escher before I could get a spontaneous event into your day. Plus, I don't imagine you'd like me very much in person and I'd hate to spoil the suspense.]

It didn't used to be strange to call up someone and say "hey wanna go do something?" But now it really is. The difference is, of course, I'm not 11 anymore.

Some of it is that these are both new potential-friendships. I don't know either woman hardly at all. So we might really have nothing in common which would make it desperately awkward. A lot like asking someone out because you happened to both be in the laundromat at the same time.

Um. So really. I feel like I have a date tomorrow for lunch, but it's not that kind of date.

I was watching some British cop show and the detective said, "Did you look in his diary?" The victim had been a big-name businessman and I'm thinking "diary" as in a pink book with a snap-latch and Hello Kitty on the cover. They mean diary as in calendar or schedule of daily events or day planner.

So when I say it feels like a date because it's sort of an interview for a possible long-term relationship... that's exactly how it feels. But in my mind "date" is reserved for the kind of thing that happens between people who share a sexual attraction and are considering success being a "hookup" at the conclusion. Which would be why I never felt comfortable dating. ew.


and if you want to know why I keep doing this library volunteer stuff... it's because the rest of my life has been running smoother since. I meet people. I have something to talk about (so I seem more interesting and less creepy/weird). I figure it's good for my Karma. Which I do believe in, but not in the India sense, more like a shorthand for how everything fits together. I don't feel like I "love" the way other people love, but as a shorthand for a lot of complex emotional interactions, yes, I can call it that. Thus, Karma as well.
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So, I allowed myself to cave when the cable company, which has decided to quit selling the service I am buying, offered me a promotional price to keep my business. It's a year-long no-contract 50% of the current rate deal for [supposedly] better service.

They sent the cable box (dreck!!) via UPS. Inside the cardboard is a plastic bag- wrapped electronics box bigger than my old VCR and the size of 6 DVD players (weirdly the really cheap DVD player was $19 and it's smaller than a Mac Mini, the expensive DVD player was $129 and is the size of a rack stereo component.) There is a sticker on the plastic bag saying if you open it, you have agreed to their Service Agreement.

The packet with the documentation is, happily, NOT inside this wrapper. But the packet spends 15 pages explaining how they're not really fussed about selling you cable TV, mostly their business is selling your personal information like when you're watching TV and if you're home.

I think there are people who get this and don't worry about it. I don't really understand what the Service Agreement says, but I know if it takes 15 pages of itty bitty print to define it, I probably won't like it. It almost doesn't matter what it actually says, just by the sheer volume of text, it must mean "This is how we're going to screw you over." If they were upstanding folks doing what they said they're doing, bringing a clear video signal into one's home in exchange for money, there wouldn't be any need for all that legalese.

I am undecided.

We like television. I like watching current shows. The Netflix download service is cool, but its selection is under-represented. Hulu has most stuff and their ads are less irritating than network broadcasts'. It's not impossible to get most of the same content piecemeal between Amazon video downloads, Netflix with Roku, podcasts and Hulu. I can tell you that the inability to fastforward and rewind is a real sticking point with the Roku. It's messy with Hulu too (dragging the slider bar is wholly inaccurate). But non-TiVo TV doesn't allow fastforward and rewind either.

We're thinking about hooking the new cable box up and seeing if it works through the TiVo. If it doesn't, then the resolution is clear. If it does, I am still asking myself who they have checking when you're home. Originally I heard they used prisoners to monitor things, which isn't exactly safe.

It really seems like it would be a better choice not to do business with someone whose intention is to screw me over. This isn't something I need and since I don't understand the Agreement well enough to tell what caveats I should concern myself over, it's really hard to know if this is as bad as it seems.
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Some residual nomenclature bugs me.

"White Sale" is when stores put towels and sheets on special. I have never owned a white sheet or towel. I don't think I've used a white towel except in a hotel. No one buys white towels for their homes. Maybe there will be a backlash and people will start buying white again because it's "different" and "no one" uses it.

Also, "linen closet". Why is it called that? I have owned two things that were made from linen. One was a tablecloth, the other was an ill-fitting shirt that went to charity last year. No one keeps tablecloths in the linen closet. Dwellings large enough or old enough to have linen closets do not have them near the dining room, but usually upstairs near the bedrooms. So I accept "table linen" as a valid phrase. But even people who are unspeakably rich do not buy sheets made from linen. It's not nice when compared to 1200 threadcount Egyptian cotton. We should stop calling the linen closet the linen closet.

And. If we're going to keep one of those terms, shouldn't they match? Shouldn't stores have "linen sales" or people have a "whites closet"?

Then I could tell my SO to get some sheets from the blues closet, because I'm contrary and all my good sheets are blue.
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Sometimes I'm extremely witty and I surprise myself. I promise that this meshes with the subject line, which is quoted from Peter's Evil Overlord List, which in itself is also witty and apropos.

I've just finished second breakfast (that potato method I mentioned earlier this week) and there's still coffee left. This makes me relatively cheerful. Hell. I'm actually warm, even in the feet.

So let me share the funny.

(There's a lot of setup for this, and for that I apologize.)

There is a popular yarn store near me. Pretty much all knitting social activities are populated by people who can trace their knitting "lineage" back there. (I learned on craft store yarn from library books, and in the knitting world that makes me the Masai tribesman living in Norway trying to make a living modeling Norwegian national swim team gear. Add in my unfeminine mannerisms--- especially social conventions-- and I really do not belong, even though I now eschew craft store yarns.) My experience shopping at this store is that it's somewhere where there is no parking on the street and even half a block off the main street is too dangerous to walk alone... it's certainly not safe to park there because the whole block is rimed with broken glass. It hardly matters whether I liked the store itself, it's impossible for something like that to be popular just because of logistics, right? Well, apparently not.

When I went into the store, I was looking for my first sweater's worth of real yarn. I'm a fat woman, I need at least L shirts if I don't want people to be able to read bra labels through the fabric. For a sweater, I'm not going to want it tight. I was going to be buying at least $80 of yarn, and a similar size friend spent $300 on her yarn. But even though I was standing at the counter with my yarn to be purchased, the clerk looked right through me, picked up the phone and placed a personal telephone call. Then a really skinny woman came in and shouted loudly that she wanted to make a baby bib. So the clerk jumped up and ran over. I said, "Pardon me, I am ready to check out and I have been waiting." The clerk said nothing and spent several minutes actively helping baby hat woman and trying to convince her to make a sweater for herself too. (The baby hat would probably take more yarn.) I blinked at the deliberate snub, set my yarn on the counter, and walked out without the clerk saying anything. (I've never been back.)

Recently I was talking to a friend about sweater patterns and how they get longer as they get wider, and how that makes no sense. I said, "The only thing added length means is that you'd buy extra yarn that the yarn store clerks would snub you for needing. That's the only explanation I can think of as for why a 24"-bust woman would get more attention than someone twice her size [in a yarn store]."

It was suggested that I am invisible. (This is not actually a new idea. It happens universally in JCPenney. I have to bring someone with me or the cashiers cannot see me at all. And it's been like that for 20 years. I've actually been tempted to stand on the counter and jump up and down with my Visa card so all the other customers point at me. My SO and I stood at the counter about 5 years ago; I had an armload of things he wanted to buy, the woman asked him, "Sir, did you have a question?" He said no, he was ready. And she said, "Where are your selections?" It was astounding.)

I replied (to the invisible comment), "But the Invisible Man put on clothes in order to be seen. The way the yarn store people act, they think I'm going to become the Emperor and need "new clothes". But they've got the wrong kind of Emperor, I'm thinking more like Palpatine."
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My dentist retired. I can either go to the replacement dentist there or I can find a new office. I tried to find a dentist that takes my insurance (I have the kind where you can go anywhere, but if you go "in network" it's cheaper.) and there are so many I can't even come close to weeding them out. They don't have any sorting criteria.

I'd like a dentist within 30 minutes of here that has parking. Or if they don't have parking, I need to be able to get there on the bus or on foot. Surprisingly that sorting criteria looks really racist--- because most of the places with Wong are in Chinatown, which is impossible to get to from here. But then again, I'd really like a native English speaker too, so that doesn't seem like an unfair criterion.

I have no idea how to winnow the list.

I looked at several online dentist finding services, but was not able to get the right kinds of criteria there either. Plus it's unclear on what it costs the dentist to be listed and I don't want to waste money on advertising payments.

Everyone says that you need to ask around to get a good dentist. But surprisingly few people seem to see a dentist they are willing to recommend. The only thing harder to get a rec for is a hair salon. That wasn't a problem when I lived in Chicago or Houston. But I haven't gotten my hair cut by anyone else in 8 years, I live in a major metropolis and I have to cut my own hair. I can't do my own filling replacements though.

I need to move on this because trying to find a dentist seems to give me a headache that starts in the teeth and swallows my whole head. So just starting to look for a dentist is making a visit mandatory.

Google-fu does not solve this problem. It totally should. There should be a way to search for anything based on parameters. "Open at X time" "has parking" "takes insurance" "takes Visa" "speaks English" "accepting new patients".

Is it naptime yet?

Thursday, 6 August 2009 02:28 pm
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I think they should invent caffeine nasal spray. When my sinuses get stuffy, I get really tired. (I think I don't sleep as well.) So I could get pepped up and do something about the problem causing it at the same time. Not to mention it has to take effect faster than waiting for digestion.

Heh. Bet it would hurt though.

I just read a hilarious (an hilarious? what's the official rule on that anyway?) review of one of JR Ward's books (the Wrath one) on Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

I am doing laundry. I bet the people who abandoned their stuff in the washers will suddenly remember and stuff them into all the driers (one pair of panties per... they might get wrinkled!) just before my stuff is ready to get dried. [ETA. Yep. I came down to take my stuff out of the washers and guess who was just starting the dryers... 100 minutes each. Bitch. Hope her clothes catch on fire---- after she takes them out. ETA,A: She puts in more loads, using all the washers again, this time she shows up 2 minutes before her dryers are done and cuts in front of me, when I was clearly next with the dryers..... she cheated by only taking some of her clothes out of the dryer. Bitch. Anyone who needs to do that much laundry must be over-filling their apartment, but it seems unlikely that the fire marshal will do anything when the health department doesn't give a fuck about people changing diapers on restaurant tables. If I'd known it was this inconsiderate bitch, I would not have started my laundry.]

I have been intending to go shopping for new bras every day this week. Today I'm wearing shoes and I have left my apartment. But it wasn't to go lingerie shopping. Maybe tomorrow.

Have to come up with something to make for dinner. Very tired of thinking of dishes. I don't mind the cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries (though the farmers' market is pushing it) but I am heartily sick of trying to think of something we haven't had twice in the past month already. My repertoire is not that limited, but my brain is apparently stuck in a rut.

Saturday, what a day.

Saturday, 1 August 2009 05:20 pm
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Oh man it's been one of those days.

I tried to install gnubg. bleah. the download link doesn't link to the complete exe but to the source zips. So I get a gazillion error messages saying I need clib or glib or something. I'm mentally screeching about how I'm not the fucking Blarney Stone and I can't be glib. I finally went and asked for help. I was handed a Mountain Dew and told to open the download directory and take the biggest file there. Magically works now. Clearly 'twas the 'Dew magic elixir.

My morning was spent being outraged by racism.

I think we should have a blog against intolerance week. Just for the irony factor. Then we can have a blog against blogging against intolerance week. It'd be like putting a lightbulb between two mirrors and waiting for it to become a sun.

Today I went outside to hose off my lawnchair from the pillow fiasco and it foamed and foamed and foamed. I don't know what's in those Chinese Swedish foam pillows, but it looked like it must have been arsenic and old lace. Or rabies. (Don't sit in that chair, it's got rabies and might bite you.) Just ghastly.

One of the reasons I like not living alone: I don't have to open the carton of milk. That sound of ripping cardboard really sizzles my nerves.

I ate yogurt while watching Burn Notice. That was kind of enjoyable. (If you don't watch it, the main character is always having a yogurt.) I still think individual yogurts should be sold in containers you can drink from. When I shake a yogurt, it goes all thin and liquidy. It would be trivial to drink it like kefir (Кефир). However, the kind of yogurt I buy, Brown Cow, is sold in ridiculously sharp rimmed containers. I cut my chin open on it once. The guy who does the Cooking for Engineers blog cut his face open. It's good yogurt, but I always get a spoon even when I've shaken it to the milk-like state so I don't need microsurgery to reconstruct my face. Normally I get a quart of plain yogurt and mix it with my own stuff, but when the individual servings with fruit in them are on sale for half-price, it's hard to resist having the convenience and variety. I really don't like Greek yogurt. I know everyone is raving about it, but meh.

I think I'm going to make hummus. I have canned garbanzo beans and garlic. Now I just need a good way to puree.

I'm trying to read Evernight by Claudia something. People were raving about how great this was, but so far all I'm seeing is spoiled little teen girl whining constantly about how hard things are. I remember being a Freshman in high school. It was just like that though, walk into a room full of people and even if they don't know each other, they knew I wasn't worthy and collectively moved to exclude me from as much of humanity as possible. Decisions that greatly affected my entire life were made outside of my control based on relatively selfish reasons. But now that I am the adult, the teenager just seems whiny and inapt. It's no wonder no one understood me when I was in that stage, after 20 years of being able to make your own decisions, you really forget that feeling of powerlessness when you don't get to choose your associates.

There was a Jeopardy question before they went into hiatus, saying "This school allows you to bring a cat, an owl, or a toad." [approximately, I don't remember the exact order] Obviously the answer was Hogwarts... but my response was, "Unless you're a Weasley, then you get treated special!"

I think I know why women who live alone usually have cats. It's because I talk to myself all the time and if there was a cat, I would be quirky and eccentric. Instead I just sound crazy, especially if there's someone else who over-hears because they only hear half the conversation. I only have one mental voice, so when I need to "internally" debate something, it's not all internal.

How is one supposed to powder one's feet without getting powder all over the floor?

I hate it when I get dressed too soon after showering and there were damp spots and then my clothes stick to me. My hair usually leaves my back wet, but it also covers. When my jeans stick to the backs of my knees, that's rather uncomfortable and it feels like people are staring at my legs--- even when I haven't left home yet, so I know it's all in my head.

And hey. By dumping all this out of my head, my head's stopped hurting. Or maybe that's the aspirin and 'Dew.
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I am supposedly meeting a friend today for food. This is occurring at a nebulous time that encompasses both lunch and dinner hours. We do not have a plan on where to eat. And the woman is supposed to call but did not pack her phone charger. (Something like 90% of people seem to forget to pack phone chargers. Obviously those should be universal and provided by good hotels because this is ridiculous. I don't have friends and more than 15 people this year have blamed being unable to call me on that.)

Getting together with people is just too damned hard. If I come up with really specific plans, they don't mesh with the woman who's driving from far away. If I don't come up with specific plans, I'm basically asking someone completely unfamiliar with the area to choose a good place to meet up.

Restaurants with websites, by the way, should be required to list their days and hours of operation. I read that Yelp has gone to the dark side, where they pay their employees to write "reviews" which game the system based on whether the person pays Yelp protection advertising money. On the other hand, Yelp has the ability to sort by "open on Monday 2pm, with parking"... so I decided I would use that feature and ignore all the reviews.

I was largely taking the Yelp reviews with a grain of salt anyway because the local Yelp reviewers have different criteria than I tend to--- they like lots of alcohol and prefer to patronize minority owned businesses. I might have a glass of wine or a cocktail if I go out for something nice, but places with a liquor license tend to view it as an obligation to purchase. I don't care who owns a place if the food and atmosphere and price ratio is appropriate. Korean-owned Japanese places tend to have better fried food, in my experience and I don't eat fish, so that translates to a better Japanese food experience to me. There was one review explaining that we should all patronize a certain coffee place because it was "black-owned" (I wasn't the one who publicly used the non-euphemism.) I could see saying that a place was independent (non-Starbucks) but why should it matter who owns it beyond that? Unless the owner grew up on a coffee plantation in Kenya or something, then, why wouldn't they have said that part that matters? I believe in color-blindness, not preference. And if I were going to give preferential treatment to one race over another, it wouldn't be the not!mine majority race.

Anyway, because someone is going to be nearby, I figured I should clean. I was cleaning my bathroom at midnight. That was very lame because it was too late to have the big fans on.
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Bonus, with the DW code push, my reading page went back to filling my screen instead of having a bunch of useless "whitespace" framing the content.

I got a strange phone call saying there was a problem with my SO's health insurance. Now. We did just use the insurance cards for the first time so I wasn't hugely surprised. But I'm not supposed to give out my SO's cell number (obviously) and the caller didn't want to leave a message. So I asked where she was calling from. She gave a company name that we're not doing business with. So I said we had different insurance and she asked for my SO's DOB. I told it to her.

I mentioned this in an IM to my SO, and he said there was a scam going around and chided me for giving out private information so freely.

I really don't know what to say about that. Obviously I shouldn't have volunteered it, but DOB is relatively minor and it cleared the up the problem instantly. But if it had been a scam, it still would have cleared the problem instantly.

Knowing what I would tell someone else who posted this, I went and googled the number. Thankfully it's actually owned by the company she said she was calling from. CallerID can be spoofed, but that's a lot of effort compared with blocking the information. I admit I would have been more taciturn had it been "out of area".


Update on the podcast fetching software. Juice really really bites. It doesn't allow me to use VLC to view, big strike there; but critically, it cannot detect whether it has already downloaded something. That makes Juice completely worthless and I will be uninstalling it.

If you have recommendations for podcast fetching software (links come via RSS) I would love to hear about it.
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Today I was walking down the sidewalk and across the street there was a cat also walking down the sidewalk. It looked at me and tipped its tail in a wave, so I waved back and we both continued on.

I made beef stew. I am withdrawing my recommendation for Imagine brand broths. The beef cooking stock now says" BEEF flavor" and the ingredients list includes no actual meat products, let alone meat. The primary ingredients were water and cane sugar. No wonder people use Coca-Cola in recipes since the primary ingredients are the same--- though soda uses corn syrup.

I read and enjoyed the collaborative Phoenix [whatever] books by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. If I had known the third one wasn't out yet, I might have waited though.

My TiVo has been recording weird things. I saw an episode of Valentine. That was pretty decent actually. It also recorded one of the old Fantasy Islands. Some of those were great. It's too bad the remake sucked so hard because a lot of what's lame about the old Fantasy Island is the continuance of status quo from the 1970s... you know, before women were fully human. (Not that if the majority of the county gets its way women will stay fully human. But for now some of those things really ring false.)

This week's movie was The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, I know I mentioned it before, but with the holiday, I won't even get the new DVD until tomorrow.

I think I want to go out to Target tomorrow. I wonder how many days of thinking that it will take before I manage to go. But it does seem like I should be able to vacuum in the evening. And with the giant kettle of stew, I won't be needing to cook tomorrow, just heat things up. But I have phone calls that need making and laundry that needs doing.

I said something really funny today: (It was in response to a poll asking if we'd rather have our 3-day weekends Friday-Saturday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday-Monday.) ((it's pasted in, so the bowdlerization stands... it's one of those people who never swears so I followed the example set since it wasn't my space.))
I need an "other" option.
I'd like to work Sundays. Nothing is [*&^%$#!] open anyway and the world is full of children who are normally mewed up in holding cells school.

(You could mentally insert blue-dotted cursing about the need for leash laws for children... I *&^%$#!-ing hate it when random small-size stranger run up and grab my legs. I hate it even more because someone is sure to scream "kidnapper!" (because all people who don't have children want them?) as if it was my fault their kids have the manners of rabid dingos feasting on sugar-coated roadkill.)

I hate having the same holiday weekends as everyone else. The world works a lot better if those kinds of things are staggered because we certainly don't have room for EVERYONE to go to the beach or the mountains at the same time. But you'd never know from the numbers of people who try to spend holiday weekends doing those things.

When I get an extra day off, I'd MUCH rather have it be a day when the bank and post office and grocery store and pharmacy and dry cleaners and restaurants are all open.

In fact, I'd rather have my normal "weekend" be Thursday-Friday instead of Saturday-Sunday. And if that was the case, I promise not to complain which adjacent day my holidays occur on.

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I am cooking pot stickers. This is not an accomplishment because I bought them frozen from the Chinese noodle place. It's the urban California equivalent of a TV dinner.

I have watched the news about the SC governor. The "news" shows were saying yesterday, "How bad could it possibly be that the excuse was the guy bailed on Father's Day in order to be 'hiking the Appalatian Appalachian Trainl' on National Hike Naked Day?" How right that was. Using tax-payer money to visit your mistress in a foreign country and not showing up for work without notifying anyone. I'm waiting for the next comment that the only way it could be worse is if it was a gay relationship--- then I will be offended. Why would that be worse?

I took a bunch of pictures today (spinning stuff). I did a bunch of laundry. But mostly I've been taking gobs of anti-allergy stuff today. I didn't feel like I was more stuffed up than usual, but my back was hurting. In order to be able to breath through my nose, I'd been hunching over.

You know what would be really great? Theraflu with real Sudafed.

I am sort of watching New In Town. I got it as my Netflix selection weeks ago and just didn't feel like watching it. We're still using the download service, so it doesn't feel like a waste of money.

Still reading fic. Harry/Draco fic is getting better now that Twilight fic is popular... there is some that's worth reading now and that was my hated 'ship. I do feel like I should be looking for a new fandom, but there is a certain minimum density of fanfic that has to be there before I'm going to be able to tell if I am interested. And a lot of the canonical works I think would make good fandoms for fic are locked down.
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I cleaned. and cleaned. and cleaned. Bleahg.

I spent a lot of today waiting for a phone call while cleaning. Finally I called them. I had been told to be home, someone would call me this morning "for certain". At 4:30pm, the person had not looked at my stuff. This person proceded to make shit up so it sounded like they had done their job. I took notes on what was said, repeated it back to pin it down, got agreement. The phone rings 10 minutes later and the person finally did their job and reviewed my stuff --- so they changed everything that was agreed upon based upon "new" information which had been right there if they'd actually done the work. Not only that, but a real person could have checked the answer if they had done it when they said they would.

That's more than a little vague but the gist is totally accurate. Tomorrow I am going to spend my morning trying to circumvent this person.


We belong to a CSA... that's community supported agriculture... basically the farm picks whatever is in season and you get a box of a few things for a fee. Unfortunately these are all packaged for people with much larger families than mine. Every box we get has way too much of every one thing. Some of each of them goes bad before we can eat it. So we get tomatoes, it's 2 pounds of tomatoes. We get apples, there are 40 apples. We get oranges, there are 15 giant ones. We get kiwi, there are 12. They have a "box for smaller families" but it still has mass quantities, it's just less variety. Every once in a while there will be something that there just isn't enough of. They had lemons in our first box and there were only 2. I could have eaten 10 of them. They once had grapefruit, but there was only one grapefruit. If there's lettuce, it's an itty bitty head that will barely make a side salad for 2.

There is a convenient farmers market but it's so convenient, you'd think it was Disneyland. Both from the crowds and the number of numbskulls with their empty SUV-size strollers pushed by the toddlers. I need to find another market so I can use it myself.
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I think I should write more. I think I shouldn't worry about whether it fits into anything else. I think I should be able to write 100-1000 words of fiction about anything.

But it is ridiculously hard to sit down and do it when nothing jumps out at me. When the prompt is stupid, it's hard to care. And we all know that the worst thing that can be done for writing is when the writer doesn't care. Followed immediately by a writer who is desperately obsessively possessive of their idea to the exclusion of any skill or talent permeating the resulting story. (This is my most common complaint, "That was a really great idea and [author] wasted it writing it themselves.")

I like writing evocative vignettes (I don't like plot much as a reader and it shows in my writing.) So I really should be able to come up with something about anything.


Today I am drinking tea. I made a whole thermal carafe (it was supposed to be for coffee, but I have a thermal French press for coffee) and when I pour the dollop of milk into the mug of hot brewed tea, it swirls on its own. It reminds me of that song, "Windmills of the Mind", with the line, "Like a circle in a spiral; like a wheel within a wheel."

I'm on my fourth standard-mug of tea though and still not revved for the morning. It's 3pm and I want a nap. Going back to coffee tomorrow. On the plus side, my stomach is tolerating the coffee better lately. I guess I just need to keep up with the yogurt and taking care of my stress levels.


Today I have finished bleaching my bathroom ceiling. I know people buy those swiffer things for their floors, but I found it inordinately useful for doing my ceiling. I used a square rag because the disposable floor cleaning cloths don't hold up that well to long projects and I wanted to be able to wash it and wring it out if needed. I am very pleased with how well that worked. It was still kind of drippy, but the pole was long enough that I could avoid standing directly under the mop head. The pole was stiff enough that I could scrub at stubborn spots. And it was here, so I did not need to find a handy (or not so handy) tall person who could stand on a stepstool. I could fix it myself.
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