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I was adventurous today. We went for Korean food.

It turns out that my abhorrence for Korean food was somewhat due to the odors in the previous instances. Like when we went in to this restaurant it didn't smell like rotting meat and fish with an overtone of burned broccoli and gag.

However, despite getting something today that I normally really like from the food court place that's completely inauthentic, I was grossed out. I got the glass noodles with beef and vegetables. First they don't tell you that the vegetables are overcooked mushrooms and that nasty bitter green stuff that looks like a cross between poor people greens and broccoli (it's got a split in the leaves and in the crotch of that there are sprinklings of wartlike broccoli buds---- it looks like an alien STD). It took forever to fish all the crud off the heap on my plate. Then my noodles were in a congealed glob even though they were too hot to touch.

Speaking of touching hot food.... yeah, they had metal chopsticks. WTF? Why bother? If I'm going to burn my hands anyway, I would rather just use my fingers directly. I wanted a fork but the server was Speedy Gonzales *zip-zip-zip Arrriba!* and we were clearly not ordering as much as the family-sized groups at other tables.

Once I got some beef that wasn't touching mushrooms or bitter green Shthuph, I discovered that it was rimmed with that jiggly fat. I ate about a third of my food and gave up.

I'm not entirely sure what the little dishes of things in the middle were. Auditions for Fear Factor? Julienned strips of milky white gelatinous ooze? rehydrated cinnamon jelly beans? leftover tempura from other restaurants owned by the same family? shredded Easter grass in 3 colors? and something that looked like griddled old people skin but tasted like eggplant?

So. overall. I still hate Korean food. But I feel reassured that my dislike of Korean food is because the food is yucky and not because I'm somehow unworthy of being a human.
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Everyone else did a "where am I now?" status update for the new year. Yeah, well, some stuff happened and I couldn't find a way to talk about it at all. I explained it in chat to a friend who said, "There isn't enough o.O in the world."

Some things went well. The gifts I labored to send (even though they weren't handmade) were tolerably received. Simon seems to like his gifts from me.

After not receiving anything at all, I bought myself a few things in addition to the slippers I got for half off.

I bought the "commercial bin rack" by Seville Classics that I'd had my eye on for months. It's pretty expensive for what it is, but I really wanted it and I have about 8 uses for it, so even if it doesn't work for clothing storage (and I'm not whelmed in that regard) it would be great for a number of other things. The assembly was harder than it needed to be because the shelves have orientation that isn't specified in the directions, but otherwise was very easy.

I also ordered myself a set of PrismaColor colored pencils. There's no real reason for buying them, but I wanted them anyway. Those are the name brand colored pencils and they're supposed to be blendable, so better for artistic purposes.

I also bought a faux-fleece lined fleece vest. It went on sale from LLBean. I'm not normally one for polyester, but the outer shell was cotton-poly blend and the fuzz on the inside is washable. I like the huge collar on this vest because I have no hair. I remember ordering one years ago and thinking no one would ever want that because it pinched my hair if the hair was trapped underneath or gave me that big hair fluff if I pulled the hair over the collar. The collar goes right up to the hairline, so it's perfect for this hair. I should have spent the money 3 months ago. Probably it will get warm now and I won't have any use for this until next year.

I called the cleaner on Friday. She's coming tomorrow and Simon helped me tidy today. I have a lot of laundry that needs doing and everything needs scrubbing. I can't do it all even though I should be able to.

I still haven't ported over the stuff from my old computer to the new one. If I did that, I could use the big external monitor and clear off my desk. That would be spiffy.
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I've been toeing the line of holiday expectations, but I'm tired of it.

I hate buying gifts for people who never speak to me and who actively dislike me personally, just because they're Simon's family. When I admitted that I haven't been feeling well, due to the extreme pressure, so I had no idea what I might enjoy... I didn't get anything. Obviously the joy of giving trumps the pain of receiving something unwanted, but really? Couldn't they have heard me being crushed and miserable and said, "Call us on our holiday and don't worry about going out shopping for us and making special trips to the post office."?

It was better this year because I spent the whole week before Christmas doing social things in the evenings. Of course I feel horrendously guilty for leaving Simon home alone when he's unable to care for himself. Or demonstrably unwilling to do so, and it's difficult to discern the difference. I received two social invitations for the actual Christmas day as well. I stayed home after begging off both of them, but it was really nice to have an option or two.

Holiday weekends usually suck for me. Everyone has family to do things with on weekends and no one has time for friends. Holiday weekends just mean the weekend drags on longer and fewer things are open, so the rare places that are open are even more crowded. It's one of the disadvantages of not working, to not be able to appreciate time off. Simon never wants to do things on weekends. I dragged him out for brunch on Saturday after he protested for an hour that I should get out of bed and cook breakfast. When I did get out of bed, I just jumped in the shower and indicated that I was getting ready to leave and he reluctantly accompanied me. My breakfast was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I had a fluffy mocha in honor of a DW friend's birthday-- since she suggested our imaginary playdate should include hot chocolate.

So far I've read some fic, finished three "books" on my Kindle, played about a hundred games of Kindle Yahtzee, slept a bunch, watched the entire first season of the 1995 version of Hardy Boys, started wearing the slippers I bought myself during the sale, and heated up frozen dinners for to feed us. It really hasn't sucked as much as it might have, but I still wish there were more people in my life.

ps. subject line chosen after icon, for the punnerific value.
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Simon said I haven't been posting lately. It feels like I have, but he's not on that filter... heh.

I also realized I have normal stuff I've been doing.

I went to a housewarming party with pleasantly weird people. I managed to stay for almost 2 hours even. I only freaked out the hosts a little bit. It was the first time I'd met someone with a name-derived nickname who considered the full name and the diminutive equivalent. So, um, yeah, you can see how I'd freak out the host since that's what I said. I didn't get lost, the parking didn't suck, I wasn't the first person there or the first person to leave. So it counts as a win.

I do think that vegan baked goods are different from the standard versions. The vegan cookies didn't spread at all so they were very thick. I've had thinner brownies. But I still wasn't eating so I was okay with a cookie and a glass of sparkling juice. I tried some other bits and drabs of things. A shockingly large number of things people brought came in the Trader Joe's packaging. I'd given a gift earlier in the week and was asked to bring cheese. I too left it in the TJs wrapping.

I bought gifts for Simon's mother and sister. And only had a mild Flintstone's closet episode when I Jenga'd the bubble wrap and all the boxes of boxes and boxes of spare wrappings that were cantilevered collapsed. I stupidly tried to catch them as they fell and ended up juggling. I suck at juggling. Everything fell down and I had to fish it all out from the awkward places it fell. But I wasn't hurt. I got some help from Simon with the packaging. And I found a tolerable post office.

Those are the only people we trade gifts with and I explained that I'd lost interest in everything so nothing I used to like was going to be valid. Simon got some stuff today, it's all ugly and stuff I could have gotten him in less ugly variants. I'd asked for things that seem to be regional, for whatever reason, there just isn't a huge selection of thermal underwear here in California.

I've been sleeping better. But as a consequence, no laundry has been done. I now have 6 loads saved up and 2 that haven't yet been put away. (Sheets and towels are 3 loads right there.) I did get both bathrooms cleaned by myself, without bringing someone in. I bought the blue rubber gloves and a scrub brush and those scrubby-sided sponges. That meant I didn't get my hands soaked in cleanser for an hour and was able to get into the crevices a lot better. Nothing like the right tools.

Speaking of which, the right tool for cleaning walls is a Swiffer with a rag tucked in to the punchouts. I did my bathroom walls with bleach spray and rinsed with water. Cost me almost nothing. I rarely buy the Swiffer official things because a doubled paper towel works almost as well and doesn't smell weird. But the rags don't tear like the paper towels, so it's vastly superior for doing walls. The disposable things are nice for floors though.

I'm attempting to grow out my hair and it's lumpy it's extremely unpleasant. And gel doesn't do anything. Corry recommended a brand of something but I wasn't able to find it. I did find that beeswax and lotion work pretty well, but it seems weird to have ultra short hair and need to oil it. I think the ends get pretty chewed up by the trimmer though, so maybe it needs help.

So that's what's been going on. I did do some knitting. And I owe pictures of old knitting. I want to take my camera out and enpicture some birds for no reason. I really fucking hate birds, but around here they're arrogant buggers that pose nicely for amateur photogs. I want to do a series of photos where I photograph one of my feet in the shoe and sock combination for the day. I'd have to build a jig for holding the camera and it wouldn't be interesting unless I did it like every day for a year. But there'd be too many repeats because I often wear the same few pair of shoes. I was also thinking about doing a photo essay, "Things are looking up." where I go around and take pictures from the under sides of things. That, however, sounds like work.

I need to schedule another pottery class too. And glaze last time's stuff. Did I say I took a pottery class? I did. I really enjoyed it, even though I suck.

I'd thought my solar keyboard didn't like winter hours and had completely decharged, but it appears that I'd just turned it off and didn't notice.
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There is a functional limit at which I cannot do more laundry in a day. That limit is currently 7 full loads. My feet are sore from all the walking.

But I washed blankets, sheets, mattress pad, all the towels, bathroom rugs, and 2 loads of clothes.

I'm not cooking for Thanksgiving. Simon's mom invited herself, so Simon said, "We'll go out." He'd rather pay the exorbitant prices hotels charge than to make me suffer, which is kind of him.

Other than the carpets which still need shampooing, my apartment is clean. The cleaner showed up 2 hours after the expected time (and that was fair because Simon told her "anytime after 11" but next time we're going to be more specific) so instead of being up and down with the laundry, I was folding and putting away. Because I can't just sit on my ass and watch TV while someone else is doing my jobs even if I'm paying them to do them. I have to make myself useful or I feel like a slacker. What this means is more than twice as much stuff gets done though, so it's definitely worthwhile.

I caught myself wanting a Kindle Fire yesterday. But that was before my brain caught up. 8 hours? Maximum battery life is 8 hours? I'd have to recharge between every book. I'm a heavy Kindle "3" user now and I have to charge it every 3 weeks. I'm pretty sure color is not worth the inconvenience of needing to charge it all the time.

If you're going to shave your head, I recommend not doing it at the start of winter.

I recently started subscribing to local Groupon emails. I have to say that I hate that the deals I'm most interested in seem to be 2 people for the price of 1. I have time in the early afternoon most weekdays. I can squeeze something in during the morning on a weekday with some advanced notice. Evenings require pre-planning because Simon needs feeding and I have to make sure he knows he's getting home on his own. Weekends aren't impossible but everything is so crowded I tend not to try. But my set of local friends is small. My set of local friends with free time during the day who have money to do things (even discounted things) is non-existent. So it feels like they're taunting me, "See how people with friends pay less than you? We base our pricing on popularity so you are disadvantaged. We don't want you as a customer."

Today I discovered "I cud haz cheezburger." Even though my lunch was ridiculously late (enough so that I doubt we'll have dinner since Simon had just eaten when I asked if I should skip lunch or go at 3pm) I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I wanted a cheeseburger and fries and a milkshake. I can't eat all that anymore, but I ordered it all and took it home so the people who made my food wouldn't see me giving up halfway through.

There hasn't been a health update because nothing has happened.

ps. I hate richtext mode.
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There's a new group [community profile] nuggan that I find to be overly self-referential.

I am having a bad day and I'm pretty ticked off that there isn't a copy of the duty roster where I can find it. I'm absolutely sure that it's someone's job to keep me entertained today. There isn't a good reason why I'm having a bad day, it's not sucked in any particular way, in a lot of ways it would have been a good day, but I still feel like today would be a good day if there was something like drop-in daycamp for regular people not just children and alzheimer's patients.
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I have been making a concerted effort to connect with people. Even though it is sometimes hard. Not only is it contrary to my nature, but some of the people I've dealt with lately have been really judgmental.

I want to create a PSA.

If someone is having a problem, yes, you can offer to help. Yes you should be sympathetic if you can. But NO, you should not tell them why you can be sympathetic because of some long story of your own. You shouldn't say you understand what they're going through because everyone's situation is different. You can say you've been through trials of your own and you know how hard things can be. But it should stop there. It should be, "I can hear what you're saying and try to be supportive because I have been the one needing help in the past." Not offloading old woes you no longer care about onto someone who is already burdened.

If someone is having a problem, telling them they should be handling it differently is NOT helpful unless you're actually offering to do something about that.

Specifically do not be telling me that I should cook more fresh food and buy organic products unless you are offering to go to the store for me or give me a ride; some days you'd even need to offer to cook. I know I need to do better, but I'm struggling. Listening to a twenty minute lecture about my obvious failings is just painful. It actually upset me so much that I was unable to finish the rest of my lunch. I was eating half a frozen meal... like I'd been unable to eat the whole thing originally and I ate maybe a quarter of it today. It's one of the TJs Indian meals without rice, veg curry stuff. If I'd made that in the middle of July, like before everything happened, I would have wanted 2 entire meals because they're that small. Now I can barely finish half of one and when someone upsets me and tells me I need to be cooking more from scratch, I lose all interest in eating. If the lecture goes on, my stomach rebels. I've managed to avoid vomiting, but it's been a near thing.

Yesterday I put forth a special effort to meet people who are local to me, I found them, they said to email or call and we'd get together, but didn't actually give their contact information (and I didn't either). I found an email address, emailed it, and didn't hear back instantly. So now I'm wondering if my mail vanished into the ether or if it was one of those social politenesses where people say they want to get together but they are really adding the rest of this in their heads: "But only if the world freezes over and I need to use your corpse as a blanket."

I'm actually aware that I'm over-reacting and being irrational about this, especially to internalize what people say to me. But I am seeking help.

ps. If you're commenting on this and are on the sub-filter, please keep in mind that this post is PUBLIC. In fact, I think I might screen comments just for that reason. I'm not being paranoid... no. no. that couldn't possibly be it.
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I was attacked by nap sleepies after actually getting somewhere today on the overlooming crisis.

Everyone waiting for replies will need to wait longer. I'm busy playing stupid flash games and trying not to feel like I've been awake all night--- that's the worst thing about naps for me, if I really need one (which is the only time I can nap anyway) I usually wake up disoriented and feeling even more tired than I was.

I need to compose a cogent email to the family group. I need to create a group name so I don't have to type all those names in manually every time.

I need to post it here so someone will tell me how amazing I am instead of bitching about what I didn't do and how long it took to get here.

And then I'm going to pull something ready-made out of the refrigerator for dinner. I haven't cooked an actual meal other than scrambled eggs on toast (which really hardly counts) in 3.5 weeks. But I have zero interest in cooking and Simon, right now, prefers that food appears without going through the cooking process whilst he watches. When I was first ill with the coughing, I couldn't eat anything anyway, but if food appeared in front of me, I could sometimes choke down a few bites. Normally cooking relaxes me, so you can tell things aren't really on right now.
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I was going to do this meme, but the person who answered it interleaved her answers and it was too much trouble to edit it. I wish more people would include a textarea with the questions and the markup so anyone else wanting to do it can just grab it and paste it.

Plus really, those kinds of questions are banal and no one cares. Some of the questions intrude on privacy concerns as well, because it asks for names of teachers and towns where you've lived... and some of those questions are answers to the security questions for banking sites.

It did ask what the last movie you'd seen was. The last movie I saw in the cinema was LOTR3. I don't go the cinema anymore because it's too loud. I need earplugs but then I can't understand the dialogue and they don't have subtitles.

I don't go to the theater anymore because the last show I saw was Loreena McKennitt and the rest of the audience screamed and whooo'ed throughout so no one could actually hear the singer.


I'm "home sick" today. It looks about the same to outsiders but I feel like crud. I slept on the sofa because I needed to sit up so I could breathe without coughing. Simon was upset because he was cold. I'm wondering why he would want to snuggle with someone who is likely contagious.

I canceled lunch with the coffee woman. I would like to go out for lunch because I want a big bowl of soup and I'm pretty sure that would make me feel better. Tortilla soup with lots of chicken. Or Tom Yum Gai without mushrooms--- but I think the nearby Thai place puts tomatoes in the broth and I don't like that as well--- makes it taste more like the tortilla soup. I'd even be good with hot&sour soup, but I'd rather it had noodles too and the only place around here that does that is impossible to park at--- not that I can drive while being this doped up.

I would make chicken soup but we don't have any chicken. Once we stopped buying the factory-farm chicken, chicken got so frightfully expensive that we don't stockpile. I can make soup. I have lentils and ground lamb for making meatballs. I also have some of those giant couscous. But mostly I feel bad enough I want someone else to make my food.
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I think I should go spend more time outside today. I should walk or go to the gym or something.

I should put on bread. I should think of something to make for supper.

I should get a glass of limeade.

I should, probably, start porting data from the old machine. But I'm not going to do that until later.

I forced myself to use the new machine without the external keyboard to answer email and I have to say that it's not that bad except it feels like backspace is farther away than it should be.

Anyway, time to unbox my world and go see the sky.
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I'm sad and grouchy and sad.

I went out for lunch with the as-yet-un-nicknamed friend (the one who saw me when I was at Trader Joes wearing yesterday's clothes, which I know I mentioned here) and I realized that I have not tried all the restaurants within 3 blocks of me. Most of them are only open at dinner. I haven't been out for dinner in ages.

Of course the ayun-friend detailed how they go out for this frou-frou pizza and get wine and appetizers and share a pizza. I mentally toted this up and got >$50. No leftovers and they dropped that kind of dough?

If I'm going to spend that, I'd like a Lou Malnati's sausage pie. LM actually ships, so maybe I should just order.

But the coffee woman was going out to her class after lunch yesterday and had just come in from her volunteer gig. (One of 4 she does.) I realized that I don't do anything with my time. I'm not entirely sad about this. I don't want to support the coffee woman's organizations and I have zero desire to take stage-oriented classes.

I'm not sure how sad I am about this. It's possible I could be winding myself up, but I'm old and my joints don't like to be twisted harshly. I am sure that I am the only one who can fix it. If I think I'm wasting my time, I should stop that. If I don't, and I enjoy what I spend my time doing, then I should stop worrying about it.

ayun-friend asked me if I was ever going to get a job. It made me think I won't need a nickname for her.

I'm so sad though, I feel like I should cancel my new laptop. No point in buying myself nice things.
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I've not only noticed that I'm getting older, I've started retraining myself against it.

I do a lot of brain training.... mostly because I like those kinds of things... I have a stack of puzzle magazines, the kinds with kakuros and logic problems and the word ones where you can derive the answer (as opposed to the crosswords which rely upon you doing lots of crosswords before you have done one or you will fail or, if it's easy enough, think they're stupid). I really enjoy the "syllacrostics" where there is a clue to the word, the number of letters is show with underlines, it says how many syllables there are in the answer, and all the syllables are given at the top in alphabetical order. Additionally the first and last letters of the answers (in order) spell out an author & quote combination. So it sounds really easy but they can give really hard clues and really rare words--- words that I have to look up.... [There are levels of these puzzle magazines, the "family" one is for idiots. The "challenger" ones can be insane. The Dell/Penny Press website explained the levels when I looked and I just remembered which ones were the most advanced and I only buy those. Simon prefers the puzzle magazines by Games Magazine, but I can't do most of them. They're too hard and focus too much on the arrangement of stuff.]

but I've also started doing things like listing out ordinary things one must do and tracking intermittent things. I have a gallon jug of water next to my desk, to encourage refills of my water glass even when I'm busy. I refill it at the tap so it's not an environmental issue. But I need to know how often I refill it. My list of tasks often includes "gym, shower, lunch" and sadly, most days I do not do all those things. But it allows me to tick off more boxes of accomplishment.

Today I realized I'd developed a slovenly driving habit. I get in the car, turn the key, open the garage door, release the emergency brake, put the car in drive (I back into my spot.) and then fasten my seatbelt. Obviously this optimizes for time because the garage door is slow and the car must be over the sensor or it will begin closing immediately after opening. But it requires more body dexterity and mental attention than it used to. It's a better idea to fasten the seatbelt without the car in gear. (Although I do have to open the garage door before fastening the belt because the buckle interferes with my pocket access.) I think I should stop assuming I will have fast enough reaction times to correct a problem even while I'm distracted.

I haven't had a problem with the driving. But I have had problems where I eat lunch and then don't want to go to the gym. I have also had problems where I shower and then go to the gym whereupon I need to shower. Then I cook something messy and discover I have flour in my hair and need to shower. I get so angry and frustrated with myself when I am that disorganized. Even though there are often reasons to shower before going to the gym... like today I showered because Simon wanted a ride to the train and I wanted to buy more milk at the store. I'm almost certain to see someone I know at the store, so I try to have some pride in my appearance. I am planning to go to the gym in a few minutes though. Have to go before lunch...
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I replied to people I found on the Network page today. It feels weird to do so because in the beginning the Network page was full of scary people who were so vehement in their exclusion of people like me that I was afraid to look and see who we had in common.

Today there were some interesting things, so I jumped right in.

I feel like that annoying person at a cocktail party who intrudes into everyone's conversation though.

mocha me.

Friday, 15 April 2011 11:29 am
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I made myself a mocha today. It's a good use of the Peet's coffee I don't like and the remaining TJs cocoa powder.

I put a teaspoon of cocoa in a giant mug, 3 teaspoons of sugar, and a couple tablespoons of cold milk. (The coffee is in the French press, brewing.) I stirred until the cocoa stopped floating on the milk, then microwaved so it would dissolve the sugar and I could check the ratio. Then I added more cold milk and the brewed coffee.

Things have not been going well and there have been a number of locked posts about it. If you're lurking, that's probably why I appear absent. But I find that little moments of pleasure are more centering to share than the woe. So I will be attempting to do more of that.

Let me share a story that starts out badly but improves near the end:

Simon was really angry that I had lunch at home yesterday, mostly because we don't have a lot of lunch-speed food (we have ingredients for long-cooking meals, but really need to visit the grocery store for fruits and salad components and other fresh items.) I had cottage cheese pancakes for lunch. It didn't suck, but it wasn't my first choice. There were some reasons for staying home, I was waiting for a phone call and for someone to come over, but the main reason I ate at home is that Simon had said last week that pizza was too expensive.

This is completely ridiculous because we get three meals for 2 out of a $20 pie; so although it's not the cheapest meal we have, it's not ludicrous by any means. I think he was not wanting pizza whenever that was, or had gone for an expensive lunch (his coworkers are all young and single and tend to buy lunch with credit cards so they don't notice how much they spend... and I know when I go out with the coffee woman and my lunch hits $20+ that I do not go out to the store to buy pre-made lamb kabobs for grilling.)

But I felt like Simon was saying that I was wasting money. So I ate at home and had cottage cheese pancakes. Simon was disgusted.

He told me explicitly to go out for lunch today. I might circumvent that and buy something pre-made at the grocery store. It costs the same as going out, but I could watch the saved Criminal Minds... restaurants have really bad entertainment compared with eating at home in front of a whole TiVo full of things you've saved.

But I might go out too... I saved $5 on a mocha. That would make any lunch I wanted practically free.
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I slept in a real bed last night. It was great.

Today I seem to be taking some time off. I grabbed some leftovers and had second breakfast so I could nap through lunch. Plus eating makes me feel better and increases my energy levels. Food is good for a body--- something all the diet advisors continually forget. I will make up for it some other time.

I should be doing laundry or sorting through things, but I might have reached my limit and need to decompress while there's still time before the next crisis.

Or maybe I'll do something easy but time consuming like sorting through the morass of papers I just crammed in a box when I needed the space urgently. I've moved enough stuff that I can get to the filing cabinet now, so it doesn't seem ridiculous to bother. And that would be extremely useful to have done if there actually is another crisis waiting in the wings.

I am Everyman

Friday, 8 April 2011 10:01 pm
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I had a strange conversation Thursday.

We were talking about which hospital one should ask to be taken to if one is in an ambulance (or directing the ambulance with a family member.)

I've lived here for 15 years. And "everyone" knows that you don't want to be taken to the county hospital. It's not called that either, but whenever there's news about hospital failure it's always that one. They apparently do a decent job with actual trauma victims, but if you're not bleeding, you'd be SOL going there.

But someone at the gym after class was talking about this, she's apparently new to the area. That was when I realized that I have absorbed this knowledge without consciously realizing it.

I have become "everyone".

We talked about how if you have to go to the ER, that it's MUCH better to go Friday than Saturday. The public bathrooms at the hospital do not have soap or toilet paper on weekends because they don't bother with that kind of staff. And it's better to avoid Friday if possible because if they need to do some sort of test, they usually can't run them until Monday. Plus the cafeteria does not offer non-fish proteins on Fridays. Remember, this is the better hospital.



Saturday, 26 March 2011 04:45 pm
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I'm feeling pretty good actually. It wasn't death defying, like before )
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Finished taxes. Read more... )
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It's only taken a week of not having the volunteer gig looming to make fiber crafts seem more appealing again.

I knew it was sapping my creative energy, but it seemed to be balanced out by the participation in my community aspect. To give an example, I was at Target on Wednesday (I found another one that isn't beyond stupid to try to get to when there is traffic.) and this woman comes up to me and says, "I know you. You taught me to knit!"

But I've literally knit more on other people's projects 3-5 stitches at a time while fixing things than I have knit on my own work in months. There needs to be a better balance so 2 hours of volunteering doesn't poison the rest of my week's yarn handling.

It did mean I could pick up an extra tai chi class.

And maybe this weekend I'll actually pick up the yarn again instead of thinking about it and vaguely remembering that this doesn't completely suck.


I've got a lot of TV queued up for me. I've been insanely busy. Probably not compared to real people, but compared to my normal schedule. I have gone somewhere every day this week. I've called people every day this week. And I've worked on a household project every day this week. But I still have laundry, grocery shopping, something toward spring cleaning to do tomorrow.

I need to go run at the gym too and that does need to be a priority.

(Need to do something about the taxes too. I said I wasn't happy with the tax guy but that doesn't mean I can do jack and expect it to magically sort itself. But that can wait for the weekend.)

But it is why I have so much TV queued up, I don't have spare hours when Simon* isn't sleeping on the couch unless I stay up too late.
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There's a lot of stuff going on. And I really can't talk about most of it, but I don't have enough mental swap space to sort through it all in my head. (I can't talk about it because it's Simon*, not me.)

I've pretty much settled on doing online Turbo Tax for my taxes this year and just abandoning the H&R Block tax guy (who we didn't pay because our stuff was incomplete due to one missing piece of information). I'm just really unsure of his capabilities and it's hard to get Simon and the tax guy's schedules to synch up.

I sort of regret buying the k-books I bought last month because they showed up on the credit card statement. Not by title, just by $0.99 $2.99 and $3.99 lines. It says Amazon Kindle Marketplace or something too, so it's completely obvious. I also bought some other physical stuff which managed to get split into several shipments; it's jumbled together but an entire page of credit card charges on a multipage statement is for Amazon purchases... that total under $100. So it looks like I spent an unholy amount of money and I feel ashamed and embarrassed, even though I spent nearly 4 times that amount (of the sum) at the grocery stores I visited during the same period.

I'm taking the coffee woman out for coffee this week. It was her birthday and I missed it because I lost a week somewhere.

Simon wants laundry done before he runs out of shirts. Last week I bought him more socks so that isn't the limiting factor, but they're not pre-washed yet, so that won't help.

And tomorrow I go off to do battle with the pharmacist. I want to buy out my prescription. It's cheaper to buy outright than the copay, so I feel that it would save me a huge amount of hassle to just buy all the whole year's worth and not need to make a dozen visits. But I suspect they have some rule requiring my perpetual inconvenience.

I feel really crushed by the pressure to get all this stuff done when a lot of it is not controlled by me. Laundry room might be full. Pharmacist might be dickish. Phone calls I need to make are really not my strong suit--- but I will have a draft of my half the dialogue written before the offices open tomorrow.
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