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I haven't posted in ages. I've been having non-specific woe. Nothing exactly has happened, but my tolerance for the on-going woe has decreased.

I've been reading a lot. (I should probably review the newest Laurell K Hamilton... but that's another post.) I've watched a lot of Netflix... for whatever reason, our ambient bandwidth went up, so now Simon and I can both be streaming simultaneously. Simon, however, refuses to stream to his new computer, so I can't spin. He's a sofa hog. He came up with something that helps him... one of those sitting up in bed reading pillow things (sort of butterfly-ish shaped?) keeps him from listing to the side when he falls asleep in front of the news.

I inherited Simon's lawnchair recliner. I've been taking it outside for reading. I have to say that those zero gravity recliner chairs are amazing. Unless someone comes to talk to you because then the awkwardness of trying to sit up is embarrassing and you have to do it because otherwise you're talking between your feet. I did pull my shirt up and sun my Santa's beard-white tummy.

Last night I slept with the lights off for the first time in forever. Yay. But when I woke up, I'd been clenching my jaw and my teeth ache. Boo.

I got coffee this morning because we were out of milk at home. There was almost no line. As I was leaving with my latte, there were 20 people in the queue. I really like those gift cards where you can add $25 every once in a while and just swipe your card otherwise. But I wish it had your name embedded in it so I wouldn't keep getting "Sarah" drinks. Also the cardboard sleeve doesn't fit in the car's cupholder and I spilled my coffee setting it down. However, it only spilled on the mat. I used some of my napkin collection to blot it and got the "when did I open this?" water out of the trunk, and re-wetted and reblotted. I wasn't going to drink water that had been open for ages, but it's fine for spill cleanup.

My new doctor has electronic communications, so I found out I passed my mammogram the same day. Last year I was called by the doctor to come in to discuss my results and didn't handle the stress well. Of course I found out afterward that they've pretty much changed the rules on how often you need mammograms. *shrug* I guess I have 2 baselines now.

I kind of want to see Rock of Ages at the theater. But I live in an "urban" community and they don't provide earplugs for people who aren't natively "urban". (I'm originally suburban.) I can bring my own, but it's just easier to wait for the movie to come out on DVD.... and then because we're not getting DVDs from Netflix and they won't even allow us access to the disc queue if we're not getting discs, I have to wait for it to show up on the streaming available, which is probably going to be years. By then I'll have forgotten what it was that I wanted to see and won't recognize the title in the RSS feed of new streaming movies. I do understand why Netflix changed their pricing, but I don't think denying people access to the disc queue is a great idea if they want to sell both services. I'd rent from the Amazon streaming service but they don't offer subtitles--- actually that's a problem with the theater too because with the earplugs I really need them for dialogue confirmation. (Without the earplugs, I need anti-migraine medicine and a sensory dep chamber.

I signed up for the UPS account that supposedly allows you to re-route your packages and change delivery dates.... The free version doesn't allow squat. Even creepier, one of the confirmation questions asked me which house number I shared with a man I never want to see again---- from 20 years ago. I was really upset.

You know that maxim about how washing your car will make it rain because it always rains just after you wash it... I've discovered that putting white sheets on the bed brings on your period. However, not owning white sheets... mine are navy blue, black, and maroon... does NOT prevent getting your period. I still can't believe doctors don't think that's important enough to dedicate research time to stopping. There are ridiculously invasive fertility treatments though. We have expensive drugs to fight men's hair loss---- but permanent hair removal is still dodgy. It's like medical science is going the wrong way. Maybe I should make all the research scientists sleep on clean white sheets.... but living in a hotel doesn't seem to make men menstruate and probably the female research scientists have had uterine-ectomies, so it probably wouldn't work. Washing your car in New Mexico doesn't make it rain there either.

I did finally look up how the stupid touchpad thingy works on my laptop. There's a sensor so it doesn't click out of the window from brushing it while typing. I set that so it stopped screwing me up. There's also a mechanism for gesture scrolling. And you can set different regions to have different click effects. I'm a lot less disgusted by its existence now. But I still prefer an external real trackball. I like the solar powered wireless keyboard a LOT, by the way. However in the winter, I need to leave it in the window to charge periodically because the ambient daylight that makes it to my desk in the winter is insufficient.

I had a good experience shopping at Target recently. I'd bought a throw pillow and hated it because it smelled like an oil refinery. Returned it with the receipt, got zero hassle, was done in under a minute. It seems like we should be able to make $20 throw pillows in the United States instead of importing them from China.

Amazon totally needs to start marking where things are made. I'm not buying kitchen stuff from them until they disclose that. It makes a huge difference if your knives are made in Japan or China or Germany. The same brand will often have two production areas and some things are made in one place some in the other. Of course since everything Target sells is made in China, I can't buy from there either. Can't buy kitchen stuff from Sur La Table because they cater to people with houses.... they only sell 12-inch skillets with the long pan-handle handles, not the loop handles like a stock pot would have. But I do not have a 6 burner Viking stove and that handle would not fit on my stovetop if I had another burner in use. SLT also sells a lot of Chinese-made stuff but they sell it at ludicrous markup like they're pretending it's not cheap plastic shit.

If you buy giraffe socks in green, they look like turtle shell socks. I love Sock Dreams.

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Friday, 18 May 2012 02:23 pm
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I watched Accepted and really enjoyed it.
Read more... )

Did I say that I read all three books of The Hunger Games trilogy? I did. Read more... )

I'm officially old, by the way, there's a billboard advertising a radio station as being an "oldies station" that's "all 80s!" But what makes me feel even older is how much some of the most modern music sounds like the easy listening music from the 70s. Maybe not topically, but instrumentally and vocally.

Something else that needs changing... apparently British schoolchildren's cheap-ass notebooks are all grid kind. Read more... )

Panasonic makes great stuff. I really like the new house phones we got. The only thing I wish we'd done differently is bought the whole set, spent the money for a new answering machine too. Because now it tells me in the bedroom that I've "missed a call" because I answered it in the kitchen. Panasonic makes great cameras too. If cell phones weren't all about the software and the service, I'd wish they made cell phones. (The camera software that came with the camera kind of sucks compared to Picasa.)

I'm glad I didn't buy an iPad, I saw the rumors that there would be a smaller cheaper one in a few months. Plus rumors that there would be a front-lit Kindle. I might still want a Kindle Fire for the streaming of video content, but I feel stupid being too lazy to carry my laptop 20 feet.

I do need a phone but I was really disappointed that buying a whole set of matched Apple products wouldn't enable me to sync them to each other trivially. I'm really disappointed in Sprint and their pathetic 4G coverage while they're selling ultra expensive 4G phones.

What's the general concensus on GPS v. using your phone for driving directions?
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I'm doing 2 social things on the same day. I think there's probably some sort of prize for that, right?

I also refrained from making judgmental comments about someone else's entertainment preferences. Out of context, it's kind of funny, "Aren't you too old to like shallow stupid stuff?" mostly that's funny because I'm still watching Glee, myself. Honestly, I'd be less embarrassed for watching porn.

I watched the House from last week this morning (when it came up for free Hulu). There were gobs of commercials for Touch. Including ostensibly unbiased sources which said if we weren't watching it, we should. But Touch is overtly religious. It says God is in the connections between people and the world can only still exist if there are 36 righteous people in it. I get that there are a huge number of people who are religious. And I get that this number is ever increasing as laws tighten down and begin to actively discriminate against the non-believers. (There's a huge social bonus to toeing the line of people's expectations. That doesn't make it right, but there is a reward.) But I don't think any unbiased reviewer should tout an overtly religious show as being excellent viewing that everyone should watch. That was offensive.

Personally I'm astonished by the number of bible-related games that constantly show up as frequently purchased on my Kindle. I keep thinking, "Are there people who want that? Really?" But apparently so. Snarkily, it surprises me less when they're wordsearches than for trivia and crossword puzzles.

I owe some people replies, but it's pleasant out and I'm going to spend some time enjoying that first.
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Today has been lovely. I cleared off my desk and found the note from the mailman with his YouTube username so I can see the helmetcam video he shot while snowboarding. I found a used jigsaw puzzle I gave to the building manager (after wiping it with pledge so I could tell whether there were unicorns in the picture... I found the puzzle under a desk that doesn't have a kneewell, it's just shelves all the way down and the bottom one is just off the floor. No idea how the box got under there or how any dust was able to access the space, but it's been there for a long time.)

I organized my new and existing art supplies (that live on the bottom shelf of the previously mentioned semi-desk.) I checked my go-bag and refilled my stuff sack within it since I'd taken most of the aspirin and used some of the tampons. Those kinds of bags are only useful if you keep the inner contents up to date. You have to swap out the fresh underwear for underwear that hasn't lived in a ziplock bag for 3 months. I need to find individually wrapped clorox wipes for the bag....

I found a giant bag of loose pens... at some point we'd looked at our collection of pens and just saved out a fraction of them. There are at least 50-75 in this bag and all the current jars of pens in various useful locations are chock full of demented and ailing pens that do not write. I'm going to spend an hour with some scratch paper (which I found while clearing my desk) and put pens that write into the jars and toss the dead ones. No more zombie pens!

The Coffee Woman took me to lunch and for coffee for my shhhh!birthday. I told the barista it was my birthday so she should take extra care with my latte foam drawing and got a smiley face.

(The new bag is Namaste's mini messenger and is hella awesome. I now understand why people pay for bags instead of just using the free totes that you get as swag or getting a LandsEnd one when they're on sale. I like it so much that I'm thinking about getting one of their handbags. *pauses* wait, there's free shipping this week, let me go get one now.)
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Something good today. I figured out why my Windows nav was all screwed up. I could NEVER find anything ever. If I put a file down or closed a window, it was GONE. C:\Users\S was set to "hidden". It was hidden even from me. I had 7 copies of the same shortcut when I was trying to find the downloads directory and kept saving it to the favorites. Let me explain, when I unchecked "hidden" files APPEARED on the desktop.

I fixed it.

Stuff like that is hard to decipher and I fixed it without ever having seen this operating system before this instance, without knowing someone else who had fixed it and who explained, without knowing that it could get better.

Not saying I've invented a better water filtration system or solved the three-body problem (Simon asked me if I thought mathematics was fundamental to our understanding of the universe or our our interpretation of the universe and I said "it's obviously an attempt to understand the universe but falls far short of the reality." he was surprised I had such a strong opinion and asked why. I said, "The three body problem. Mathematics and physics at the current moment are incapable of addressing this solubly, yet our solar system has dozens of planets and moons.") or created something artistic. But it does come from a place of pride in my accomplishments because it's nontrivial.

I took a slew of pictures today. When I loaded them onto my laptop and could not find them, that was the incentive to do something about the nav issues.
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I got an e-book for free ages ago. It was called Stray and was the first book in the Touchstone trilogy by Andrea Host. It's not free anymore, but was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I bought the second book in the series (paid for an e-book, shocking, that!) immediately.

As much as I was concerned I wouldn't like the Kindle when I got it, I really like it a lot. I have the one from 15 months ago, but the ability to side load documents using FanFictionDownloader (there are other tools) and email those documents to my device (no cord needed) for free (using wifi) has been really phenomenal. I love the ability to have 250 books in the space that a single paperback takes. I'm not overly keen on Amazon and their DRM crud, but they do make it incredibly easy and there are enough things that are offered freely that one does not have to pay for content.


Today I went somewhere new and had a great coffee. I also wound the yarn for the knitting project for me. I'm next.


I had a really strange dream when I napped after coming home from my adventure and going to the grocery store. There were a lot of things weird about the dream, but the weirdest was that I've had that dream before. It was like replaying an action/RPG video game after several years of setting it aside. At one point the narrator supertitles that explain the current immediate task said "You must hide!" So I vaulted under the library circulation desk that has typewriter cutouts in the surface and had to use a special cheat code to keep from being captured in the first minutes of the game. I knew when diving under the desk that I had made that mistake before. Later in the game, I as the player, used a cardboard poster shipping tube to vault down a sloped hallway. There weren't any supertitles anymore because I'd turned off hints as I remembered the game.


I'm really disturbed by the large numbers of dream repeats I've been having lately. I keep recognizing the scenarios and where I failed in the dream last time. Like people who do lucid dreaming and take control of the situation, only I'm doing it years or decades later.


Inside filtered posts, I've been talking about stuff that's not going well. I try to temper it with humor or point out the things I think are ridiculous to show I'm keeping my perspective. And I really am still moving forward. There've been some catastrophically hard things this year, but the basics are still covered and I'm still bearing up under my responsibilities. When I called the dentist's office to get my teeth cleaned, I told the scheduler not to let the hygienist nag me because we were running under different parameters here. "I haven't flossed since the last time I was there, but no one has died on my watch, and despite the flossing, that's a win right now."

But I can feel the splintering effect of my internal perspective of total failure and complete disconnect from everyone and everything in my life; while externally I'm chatting with the grocery checker, paying bills, and remembering to put gas in the car so when I go to pick Simon up, I don't waste his time. That's why I shaved my head. I couldn't cope with having there be no external signs of the internal conflict.


We've been eating a lot of things in pita bread lately. Today I had pre-made chicken salad with lettuce and cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese in a toasted pita. Breakfast sometimes has vegetarian sausage patties and hashbrowns and egg inside pita. (I like it better with ham, personally.) We found a pre-made Indian curry thing that's quite tasty.... it comes with rice. I like my share inside bread.

I discovered that high fiber granola bars from TJs have more chocolate to them than the regular ones do. I have no idea why, but it's a tremenous improvement in the "feels like a treat" instead of "feels like something to cram in your gullet between things that are too time-crunched".

Almond milk has no calcium. I'm not sure what to do about replacing the role milk had been playing in that regard. I can't eat more cheese. Yogurt doesn't seem to have made it into a personal rotation--- I really prefer drinkable yogurt to needing a spoon, but I'm tired of yo-juice.


Anyway, I'm going to go vacation off on another planet with the next Touchstone book. Have a good weekend everyone.
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I am going to install the printer drivers on my laptop. I'll still need to boot the old computer that the printer is plugged into, but I won't have to make it struggle to load things just to print them. Groupons are really irritating if you don't have a real smartphone with the app and have to go through tremendous machinations to get things to print.

I still need a better solution, but I need to print a map for tomorrow and this is the best temporary fix... I'm hoping it doesn't take multiple hours.

Need to also try out the new alarm clock. The old one got a bit demented. It got better after I thwacked it rather severely, but no one wants to wake up to "wounded rhinoceros in a wood chipper" nor does anyone want their sleeping brain to snooze after hearing that noise because the 7 minutes of following dream were where I figured out what the noise resembled. I'm not sure I've heard a rhino. I don't know what a wood chipper sounds like, but in my snooze dream I could hear the splat+crunch of flesh and bone being ground up and smell blood and predators looking for food puree.

I need to find a normal furniture store. I want a rocker-recliner by someone other than Lazyboy. I sat in a few yesterday and they all require lots of abdominal muscle to get the chair to recline and if I shift around at all, the chair sits up and I have to start all over. I don't know if they make recliners for infirm people, but whenever I see those commercials for adjustable beds, I keep thinking, "F.... Just get a recliner."
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Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

So what is an emergency? I can't really think of anything where sufficient planning wouldn't ameliorate the situation. It's possible to take safety precautions such that many accidents can be avoided. My current experience with the medical establishment is that they expect most people have merely dropped out of med school a few months before finishing, so they'd obviously be able to field set their own broken limbs.

My question is an on-going concern because I struggle to be able to tell what level situations should be triaged to. There is an extreme disincentive to call for an ambulance should it not be an emergency. Taking one's self (or having someone else drive) to the emergency room at the hospital is harrowing because other people there are dying of gunshot wounds and stabbings. And triage nurses are really good at spotting the seriousness of bloody injuries while heart attacked people must crash to the ground. There are televisions blaring whatever UPN sitcom--- UPN is a theme station, if there's a bad sitcom with a non-white character, it will be syndicated on UPN. Other people in the ER have visible plague symptoms. Pretty much you only go there if you're bad enough to need to risk death to get help. ER is vastly better if you go in an ambulance because if you're bad enough to need one, the EMTs will vouch for you taking priority.

But I'm still trying to tell at which point something is an actual emergency as opposed to "urgent" or some other seemingly synonymous descriptor.

I really and truly do not understand. I can detect, finally, when things are bad enough to need an ambulance. But there are a lot of situations between ambulance and "can wait a week for a doctor's appointment." Some of them would be vastly improved by actually going to the ER. Some of them are better for me because I can usually get my doctor to wedge me in the next day--- but only if I'm sufficiently well enough to drive myself on a 30 minute trip.

I'm really really unclear on what you're supposed to do to prove something is an emergency according to other people.
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I did something nifty today. I was at Walgreens and they had these eyeshadow pen things that are kind of like lipstick in texture except not greasy. So I got a two-ended one with a silver blue and a darker blue. Now that I've come home, I've decorated my head.

Since the sides are shaved down to almost nothing and bleached, I can easily have visible decorations. I drew a simple casual spiral thing on each side with the silver blue and used the darker to emphasize it a bit. It looks strange but awesome.

I brought flowers for a neighbor when I was getting some for myself. I called Simon's brother's wife to see what color towels he might like since she'd said he would appreciate that and honestly my new towels are terrific.

So new stuff that doesn't suck.
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There's a new day today. I closed the door and had the big lamps on last night.

I came up with a very quick and dirty cowl. Hank of pencil roving, doubled. It looks a bit stupid but required zero work and is extremely warm.

I almost bought a hooded fleece-lined sweater vest from LLBean yesterday. What stopped me was the sizing chart and the fact that it doesn't come in plus sizes. It was going to be 2 inches too tight across the bust and it claimed to be a tunic-length but didn't come in petites. It came in purple. So I'd have looked like I had been trying for a Daphne from Scooby Doo costume. Or, worse yet, Velma wearing Daphne's clothes.

I was able to fix my computer last night. I believe I had a poisoned tab. I suspect it was the fanfic entry on my DW page. But after 3 hard crashes I was pretty angry and frustrated and just went off to read the new book that had arrived.

We had squash ravioli for supper. Everything I ate yesterday was vegetarian. I'm eating less and less meat lately. Not out of a desire for vegetarianism. I just don't seem to think of it. I should probably do something about that since a low protein diet exacerbates depressive symptoms and no one needs help with that when it's already gloomy and wintry.

Simon wanted me to look for a new immersion blender after we saw the Cook's Country episode where America's Test Kitchen reviewed them. But the Amazon reviews of that model were atrocious. I'm leaning toward the Cuisinart one that was advertised in the Sur La Table holiday ad. Because it comes in purple. Obviously. Also our current one still works but there is an issue with the plastic housing not being a single piece (not talking about top and bottom, the bottom half is glued so the blade insertion was easier during the build process), because there is something dark in the seam. So I am sort of looking for one that's not plastic. Cuisinart ones have stainless steel sticks.

I'm reading Eileen Wilks' latest Lupi book. It wasn't supposed to arrive for another month (I pre-ordered a bunch of stuff and it said it would all ship when the last one came out.)

I'm thinking about showering now. It's kind of sad that this is the highlight of my day. But at least I can do it more than once. And those towels are actually dry because of the extra drying between washes.
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I like standing in the shower where one side is cool and the other side of my body is warm because the water and the air are divergent temperatures. I like the feeling of my head with very little hair. My new towels are squishy soft and plush. I put them in the dryer for 10 minutes today because they needed a bit of help after yesterday's extra showers.

Simon woke me up, I'd gone back to bed after determining that he didn't need/want a ride to work after we had pita & hummus for breakfast and I sat through yet another edition of "news no one gives a fuck about", because I'd forgotten to fill out my mail-in ballot. Simon dropped them off.

I'm enjoying A Touch Of Frost, which is another British mystery show available from Netflix streaming. I'm still irked with Netflix but not enough to spite my own face.

My new wireless trackball remains ideally suited. My solar charging wireless keyboard is still extremely cool, but I'm finding it requires deliberate charging. I'm actually typing on the laptop itself while the keyboard languishes in the window. If I lived alone, I'd have the big halogen lamps on and there wouldn't be a problem except with my power bill.

My new box of tissues is blue. Not just the box, the tissues themselves are blue. I haven't seen that in years. I used to only buy blue ones. I remember when paper towels came in colors too.

My bills are all paid.

So how's this for a list of things that don't suck?
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Let's see where things are.

Therapy continues. Simon's still sick. I went to a knitting group on Thursday. Cooked food still hovers at "ooh. I can microwave this *puts in cart*". It makes me wonder why refrigerator/freezer appliances are so much more refrigerator. Seems like with a microwave, I could do best by just having a freezer, although I'd have to eat the whole jar of pickles at one sitting then.

I've taken up drawing on very tiny pieces of papers. sticky notes, index cards, receipts. Not that these are good drawings, mind, but it's something I'm doing.

I now have less hair than many people with crew cuts. I've taken to shaving the sides and bleaching them. On the plus side, my scalp doesn't have those dry-skin compensating sebum granules that itch and kind of resemble dandruff (but which dandruff shampoo actually worsens).

I read two books this week, both by D. D. Barrant. I enjoy that series a lot.

I'm caught up with my laundry.
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I cut my hair. Again. I like it. I cut it with scissors until it's a long fuzz on the top and sides and is long enough to lie smoothly in the back, but cut short to just at the hairline on the nape side. It's short enough to stand without gel on the top, doesn't require conditioner, can be washed with bodywash without reeking all day because there's a pound of hair that absorbed the scent, and makes me look like I don't have time to waste on frivolous things.

My skin looks like hell. It's not my fault. Stress and medications.

I think I mentioned I bought a wireless trackball? I did. Logitech M570. It's not rechargeable. Which I don't like, but they're promising a year plus per single AA battery and I honestly love not having a cord on that side. I also like it being a trackball because with two computers, two keyboards, two mice... I was out of room for mousing in.

I want to make a PSA that not all therapists with the same degree are the same and it behooves you to try more than one. I had never been and I've now been in contact with 4 within 2 weeks, so I know how overwhelming it is to even find the first one and it seems insurmountable to call more and start all over again, but the help needs to help or it won't help.

Simon has started refusing to make choices for stupid things. It's really irritating. He keeps coins all over our apartment so he can flip one whenever I ask him something. "Do you want tacos or ravioli?" Simon said if he got to pick, he would prefer ravioli. I explained that I would prefer ravioli because I didn't feel like cooking and the tacos would be a lot more work. And STILL, even though we agree, he has to flip the coin to double check. He offered me "If it's heads 4 times in a row, we'll have tacos." I didn't see why we should have to risk that when neither of us wanted tacos and neither of us felt like cooking. We'd already decided independently that we both preferred the same choice. Why introduce an unnecessary variable that will just cause misery and debugging errors?

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Sunday, 11 September 2011 07:44 pm
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So. I have a sudden amount of time that is unallocated tomorrow.

Between about 10am and about 4pm, my only task is to eat lunch and come up with options for dinner. (And tonight I needed 8 options and Simon settled on "whatever, I don't care, I'm not hungry" so we're having chicken nuggets and hash brown patties from the freezer.) I have a tentative arrangment to do lunch with the coffee woman. But maybe she thinks the coffee last Friday was instead.

Tonight I'm going to finish my blood orange hard cider (Whole Foods has some weird stuff, but this isn't as good as the apple kind from TJs which is also a third the price.) and I'm probably going to see if I can take something to help me sleep. Normally I wouldn't suggest mixing those things together, but I'm pretty sure half a beer over 3 hours (and 2 hours before taking anything else) isn't going to be a big problem.

This morning I woke up at 6:39am because I was dreaming one of our neighbors was a zombie who was eating my lungs. Simon woke up about 10 minutes later. He grumbled a bit and I left him alone for a while, then made breakfast. After we ate, I went back to bed for a few hours. Simon clearly needed to have done so, but you can't tell a grown man that he's being an ass because he's as cranky as a toddler on 4 day speed and sugar bender.

Anyway, you might guess that I'd sleep better without my dream self bleeding and suffocating to death.

I need a new cleaner. The current one just did a mediocre job and I'm unwilling to pay someone who needs that much direction. I'm sure if I told her to bleach around the bathroom sink faucets that she'd do that, but if the list of details takes 3 pages, it's too damned much work. I still can't stand to be in the bathroom with the cleanser though, so I'm definitely going to hire someone. Simon made me clean my sink again after the cleaner woman was here because he hates that orange slimy mold. It makes my chest ache just thinking about it. And to give you an example of why it worries me... the Scrubbing Bubbles dissolved the caulk around the sink rim... it's an undermount sink. Like I am worried the sink might fall in if there's too much water in it. But the stuff dissolves 17 year old caulk and my lungs are still weak from more than a month of coughing. Yes I have a bathroom exhaust fan, but it's insufficient.

I'm reading Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. Dresden has improved tremendously since the early books... almost the polar opposite of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake. (I don't know what that says about societal expectations.) I find that Harry's insight is actually interesting. He talks about how now that he's dead (and that's not a spoiler, he starts the book out dead.) that he feels awesome, then he thinks about it some and realizes he doesn't actually feel stronger and faster than before, just the myriad aches and pains are gone. It's not like Harry was slow or infirm before.

I find that I really don't like reading big books anymore. I'm obviously not going to buy e-books with DRM unless the price is low enough that I'm willing to consider it a rental fee. But I don't want to hold a giant hardcover over my face so I can see it, and I'm too old to hunch over a book in my lap, and I'm too creaky to lie on my stomach and prop myself on my elbows for an hour.

I understand Amazon is looking to release a color touch-screen Android-based Kindle this holiday season. I'd be a lot more enthusiastic if color didn't mean miniscule battery life. I'd be more enthusiastic if Amazon+Android didn't mean more locked down than an iPhone in Dick Cheney's man-size safe. What convinced me to buy a Kindle was the nearly month-long battery life. It doesn't crap out while I'm reading a book. I'm kind of surprised that I like the Kindle so much a year later. I figured I'd be less keen. Admittedly what convinced me is the fanfictiondownloader software that allows me to get fic on my Kindle.

We've also been watching the Dick Francis Mysteries from Netflix Streaming and the mystery part is pretty decent, but they're movie-length and there's no reason for it. It goes on for at least 30 minutes too long. Also because these are old, we see people who have no idea how to tail a car or spot a tail, but somehow the same villains know in advance that a horse will be stolen and where to find it? Really? How? It's not unreasonable in the urban traffic near my home not to notice someone following you, but these were set at least 20 years ago and in rural areas where there aren't even 3 cars shown. But the good guy tailing the villains' truck does so at about 5 car-lengths and no one notices. It's just this really bizarre thing. I kept thinking, "Damn these people need to watch a few episodes of Burn Notice so they learn how to tail people." There were also some really obvious plot twist points that never happened. I liked most of Dick Francis's books though so these aren't horrible. What I like most about them is that they're mysteries without being murder-mysteries.

Anyway. I don't know what I'm planning to do tomorrow. Tuesday is kind of full because Simon wants a ride to work and then I have somewhere to be early afternoon.
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Hmm. I think I don't like chai-tea iced tea. Or at least not when I make it at home. Maybe I need a new brand of teabags.

I was amused by the Scooby Doo drabble that was on the top of my reading list today. Velma/Fred. Which causes me all sorts of WTF, even though on the newest incarnation of the show it's dead obvious that Velma tried to settle for Shaggy and just can't make herself do it, she seems absolutely disgusted by Fred's monofocus on traps instead of the mystery aspect. Plus this incarnation's Velma admires Daphne and doesn't think she's anywhere nearly as vapid as everyone thought she was from the original series. (I didn't watch any of the series between the original and this latest one.)

We're watching Alphas, but so far we're not hooked. We're probably 2 weeks behind everyone else, we've only seen two so far. I can't tell if I'm going to like it or if it's going to turn out like Lost and Heroes, where it shows a lot of promise but the writers have no bloody clue where they're going and they keep promising that it will make sense at the end but after 5 years and zero progress along the overarching plot rainbow, the show just ends without the resolution we all were craving. If it's going to be like that, then I don't want to waste my time. The second episode had the "actress" who played Murphy on The Dresden Files. She doesn't have a lot of range from what I've seen. I was surprised her character on Alphas wasn't named Murphy... it's the same character.

We're into the David Tennant era of Doctor Who now. I didn't expect that I could possibly like David Tennant because he was such an ass whenever I saw him... I saw the Doctor Who cast on The Weakest Link and he was so annoying. His character was blindingly annoying in "The End Of Time". But I have been really enjoying his interpretation as progress from the Eccleston version. Eccleston's Doctor was bitchy and mean and biased against anyone who wasn't a Time Lord. Tennant's Doctor is less so. Clearly has a bias still, but willing to accept that there might be individuals within other species who are worthy of knowing. Certainly the early Tennant Doctor still carries that sense of responsibility and pain, unlike right before he regenerates into the Matt Smith Doctor. It's been really enjoyable watching this show. I had no idea why anyone watched it because I hadn't seen but a few episodes from long before Star Wars came out, and it just wasn't interesting. I generally loath time travel as a trope in science fiction. And I don't like forced humor in my drama. (Dramas should have humor contained within but it should be humor because we all share common references, not because they're trying to be funny at times when it is inappropriate.) So I really assumed I was going to hate it. Having gotten glimpses during the Eccleston era when it was new, I patted myself on the back for good judgment. Having seen David Tennant all over the place when he was the current Doctor, I patted myself on the back for good judgment. But glimpses of the Matt Smith Doctor captured my attention and I really appreciate seeing the "prequels" that were actually filmed previously.

In terms of computer stuff, having 2 external mice, 2 monitors, 3 keyboards and 2 computers all running at once on my desk has my body confused. I keep reaching for the wrong mouse. But my learning curve is improving. I was able to fix the task bar behavior in W7. I still haven't figured out how to change key behavior, but I'm going to work on that next. I should also import some of my music and make sure the headphone jack is tolerable since 5 years with a defective one really sucked. All in all, I feel like the new machine is great. Enough things have been brought up to speed, even without grabbing old data, that I'm doing quite well. A lot of my stuff was on-line stuff, so as long as I had the usernames and passwords, I was all set. So far the only thing I haven't been able to get set up right was Hulu.

I really don't like the foreshortened screen proportion. I thought I would like it for video watching, and I do, but when I'm typing, I'm really bloody annoyed that almost nothing fits. I've got these big dreams of dual screening with two normal monitors... though that will probably require one of the more expensive docking stations.

Things are going mostly okay, but I think I might go lie down and read. I should go read while running at the gym instead, but having skipped for two weeks already, I'm finding continued skiving to be quite easy to justify.

I really cannot wait for DW to get off their "technical debt repayment" asses and actually put up the new posting page. I hate that the subject line is at the top, I hate it even more now that scrolling is really fubar (the external mouse wheel doesn't get along with the standard drivers on the laptop). And I hate having to tab through 8 things and 3 buttons before getting to the post button. I would also like for this page to not waste half the screen. With all the wasted horizontal space I normally get from webpages doubled by the wide-screen monitor, I find myself even more irritated than usual by legacy sites that assume 640x480 screens are necessary to accommodate.

I bought the hardcover of the latest Dresden book, but haven't started it yet. I've got I Am Number Four from the library in hopes that there's more to the book than there was to the movie, but I haven't started that either. And I bought the paperback of the new Wilks book, I would have just borrowed it from the library like I did the Jeanienne Frost book--- even though I really like Frost, I don't like the Cat & Bones books anywhere nearly as well as the ones where she brings in the side characters. I lost a lot of respect for Cat early on and I still hate her as a character. But the main reason I don't buy the Frost books anymore is because she is another author who thanks God for her success.
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Weirdly today I got a gas station loyalty card. I got half off my ICEE just for asking. I'm leaving the card in the door of the car, so I don't even have to worry about cluttering my wallet. I don't think you save anything off gas, but the money I spend on gas would (eventually) entitle me to free drinks. I don't buy much gas. I fill up about every 6 to 8 weeks and buy about 8-10 gallons. So I'm not expecting a lot of benefit from the loyalty card, but half off frozen coke is going to cheer me up significantly. If it came in frozen mountain dew, that would be better, but I suspect it wouldn't be as popular with anyone else.

They did have blue raspberry. I don't actually like that flavor in terms of taste, but I love that color. I have a rav project that's that color and I named it accordingly. People don't really ask why I called my blue socks pink, but that's because I'm not a big name and I'm kind of off in a corner by myself.

I find myself oddly satisfied when I manage to buy just under the amount where you're required to sign after swiping your credit card. Today it was $34 at a $35 limit store.

I found the k-book version of Sumerian legends (probably from Project Gutenberg, but eh, free is free... I should probably add PG to my charitable organizations...I really like them and what they do to preserve intellectual property--- not intellectual property rights, making sure stuff isn't just gone when it stops being profitable to reprint.) I'm hoping it has the entirety of the Epic of Gilgamesh. I really want to read that unabridged. It's available online, but the formatting drove me bonkers and I didn't actually read it.

Admittedly I'm rather obsessed with non-dominant mythology. I adore Norse mythology and Irish and some of the less creepy Egyptian stuff. I love Beowulf. And there are some really astonishing things in Gilgamesh.

What brought this up recently was an LJ discussion about virginity in HP fic. I liked that discussion a lot, but it seemed like the only people who would find it are the people who already agreed with the person who proposed the topic. But one of the commenters talked about Gilgamesh.

There have been some good fics dealing with virginity in HP fic. A really early one wanted virgin's blood for a potion, but it was collected with a spell similar to a hypodermic needle--- from the arm. And they just asked the younger years. Plenty of virgins around if you can ask 11 year olds to prick their fingers. I've always wondered why there weren't more fics like that.

The idea presented in the discussion was that most people are not good at sex without practice, so when they needed to entice Gilgamesh, they didn't send out a fainting virgin wailing about her sacrifice. I realize I've now made it sound like I'm looking for ancient porn erotica. But what started me on the idea was the legend that the epic was originally recorded on lapis lazuli tablets. I was looking for alternatives to banal names for a yarn.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 11:36 pm
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I know that saying about one door closing means a window will be opening... but I don't expect it to be played out in my flist... I was unfriended by someone and friended by someone new on the same day. I didn't know either of them. Admittedly I do feel a lot better that I got both announcements together.

We watched the most recent episode of White Collar and it's still meh. But I really liked the line about palladium bullets being used to kill modern werewolves. That was funny.

I still haven't ported stuff over to my new computer but there is room on the desk for it now, so I can dual-team. It gets really confusing when I have 6 browser windows open. I need to actually convert. Remind me also that I need to find out if I can do wireless printing with my printer.

I used the donut pans tonight. With muffin mix from the store. I'm quite pleased with the effect so far. The bottom side does look like a donut, but the top turns out a bit flat & domed like from a regular muffin pan. I may have over-filled them during the baking because when they're upside down there's a well for filling, not a hole.

The other me is actually knitting something. *sigh* And not just Simon's socks. I want my thing done by Friday because I need it then for my evening plans... but I have things I need to do tomorrow because Friday got astonishingly full today.

I spent: 3.5 +.5 +.5 +.5 = 5 entire hours on the phone today. Some of it is Simon's SIL called. We normally talk seasonally and I left her a message in April because it had been a few months since we talked last. We had to cover everything all at once. Normally I spend maybe half an hour a week on the phone covering everything.

I did go outside today. And I took my vitamins. Tomorrow I should probably go to the store and do laundry and give up on my Netflix disc. Normally I wouldn't shop for food and do laundry on the same day, but I have to be up at 4am on Friday morning and will be out until midnight. I will be home in between there, but hopefully will be able to nap. I have been going to sleep about 1am lately and getting up at 7, so I'm already sleep debted. Good thing I've been taking care of myself otherwise.

Can I also add that I've stopped recording most shows on Food Network? Yeah. Iron Chef America... who cares who the chefs are, (unless it's Morimoto who I can't watch)? I want to know what the ingredient is. No point in recording something where they're cooking with fish. It seems like at least half of their episodes are some super sub-specific kind of fish. Those just get deleted. If you delete half the episodes unwatched and fast forward to the judging for the others, might as well not bother. We started watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives after the fourth time we skimmed across it live and Guy who is named after a miniature Oldsmobile was raving about somewhere near us. But if you look and the show descriptions it doesn't say where. And no one who lives in California is going to go to po-dunk Florida to eat at a diner. If I'm going all the way to Florida, I'm going to Disney World.

I searched for more free ebooks today. One of those 99 centers I had been considering was available free, so I grabbed it right away. But I'm still preferentially reading fic on my Kindle.
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My new computer is here. Yay! I didn't miss it by being in the laundry room. (Also yay, that I did manage to do laundry anyway.)

I'm, apparently, very grumbly )
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I have a stupid question. Why are there trash chutes that are too small for a 16" pizza box?

I don't use the trash chute in the building much. A lot of our outgoing waste is recyclable. I don't notice the tiny aperture when it's bathroom trash. But there was a missive that came around decreeing that pizza boxes were not recyclable. So, since they're specifically trash, it brings us back to the problem of the small trash chute. I wonder if super-modern buildings have chutes for recyclables.

I did envy something about Poirot's flat... they have a little door in the kitchen that goes to an interior stairway and one sets one's bin outside the little door for the magic rubbish fairies to take away.

ps. I still lust after the drapes in the various Sherlock Holmes series. Which isn't really relevant but as long as we're talking about British media set in archaic times, I might as well add in my off-topic thing... at least I didn't ramble on about the dresses and balls in Austen books.... but honestly I don't think American men now would allow their rooms to have Sherlock Holmes's drapes. The drapes are floral but on a black field and instead of lace, they have those pompoms. It's not at all insipid. Who decided that men can't like floral patterns? It's probably the same people who decreed that my genetics mean I like pink and should only dress in wimpy colors. Those drapes are gorgeous. pps. They'd look fantastic next to my fantasy dining table....
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Conversation often seems to revolve around the anomalous situation. But we don't keep people around whose anomalies are the good things. (That shit's contagious.)

People always complain about work. But hardly anyone leaves their job. From the outside, it usually sounds like quitting is the least level response the situation deserves. Tonight I told a friend she should just kill all her coworkers because the world doesn't need those kinds of shitheads. They're always incompetent, they never finish their work but they always leave early. Management leaves her short-handed all the time and no one seems to pay attention to her obvious advice. Luckily she's just talking about the anomalies and mostly her job isn't the kind of thing demons dream of in hell to use to torture people who are sent there.

Verizon had that commercial that completely failed... "Can you hear me now?" because if they're worried about the anomalies, then their network must suck.

I think it would get really boring if people talked about all the banal stuff they did the same as always. But it might be really nice if there was a little more of the kinds of things we can share and have people be happy for our little successes.

Today I sliced bread for toast and the two slices cooked the same. They weren't perfectly the same size, but my toaster cooks unevenly, so they came out matching. (I did choose correctly and put the thinner piece in the weaker slot.)

Today I also reminded myself to get another roll of toilet paper and did so before the old roll ran out.

Today I came up with an idea for something I might enjoy doing, found out how much it would cost ($9 for 2 people plus parking) and invited a friend to join me. I also found an alternative idea. That's like two ideas. I browsed for nearby food places as well and a place that had been nixed on my Tuesday list from last week (because I didn't know where it was) turns out to be right there.

I did go to the farmers market where I bought bargain tomatoes and gave the guy more money than he asked for. It was $1.75 or something and I gave him $2 and told him to keep the change. I also got peaches and freak lettuce.

But things aren't all sunshine here. I need to replace my shoelaces on those fancy Mephisto shoes because they're polished nylon round laces. They won't stay tied unless you stitch them. Even double knots work themselves loose during the day. I have no bloody clue where one buys shoelaces. When I was a kid they sold them with the shoes but shoe stores don't bother with that now... the shoe repair place doesn't sell laces either. Target (when I looked, but that was a while ago when the store was new) only had round black laces and fat white athletic laces. So I looked online and I would have bought them through Amazon (third-party thing), but $5 in shipping seems a bit outrageous. Any pointers? My shoes are dark purple.
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