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My computer is coming tomorrow.
My coffee arrived today. My fancy vitamins arrived yesterday. The geek-awesome keyboard arrived Monday. I told the UPS guy, "See you tomorrow, have a nice evening!"

Today I went out for lunch with the coffee woman. Which, oddly enough, did include going for coffee.

So I got up this morning, dropped Simon off on his way to work, went to Trader Joes, then came home and looked at email and stuff for a while, then went to lunch. I met the coffee woman in the foyer at 12. We got home at 4. So we went to lunch, she eats slow, browsed some shops because we had some meter time left, then she wanted to go grocery shopping, so we went to Trader Joes. And because when I dragged her with me to the store a couple months ago, we stopped for coffee, I asked if she wanted coffee. So we got fancy fluffy coffee. I got an iced mocha with real milk and whipped cream. Then I followed her around the store.

At the clothing boutiques, we saw silk dresses made from men's ties that are sewn diagonally. I really liked that effect, but it was super expensive.

At home, Simon's mom had emailed saying she really liked the Alain de Botton book I'd recommended, so I called her back. Then Simon came home. I like this new schedule of his where he can find his own way back but needs to be dropped off. It's honestly a LOT easier to drop him off than try to sync schedules to pick him up. I can tell when he's ready to leave from home where I can see him picking up his keys and getting his bag.

Tonight I'm making pizza. I'd apologized for not having it on yet, because it was probably too late to start on it since Simon was already home. He pointed out that it was earlier than I normally start the dough. New schedule. I haven't internalized it. So Simon being home means it's like 8pm and therefore far too late to start pizza dough from scratch.


I'm so excited for my new computer. But I'm also a little worried about the conversion. Tomorrow while I'm doing laundry I'm going to be clearing out the tab bar so I don't have things I'm in the process of reading.

Anyway. Double dose of fancy vitamins today because I didn't take any yesterday and I had a really excellent time. It's hard to imagine there are people who feel like this every day, and it's not surprising that depression is an illness in comparison.
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Today didn't go well, but it was all stupid stuff.

I was irked with Simon because he constantly bails on plans to do things with me but made plans with a coworker. So I was going to go out for all three meals today. (See? I'd be getting Simon back because I'd get to do fun things and he would be excluded. Which seems fair since I was already being childish about it.) But I was thwarted.

let the thwarting begin )

I completely failed to treat myself.

Netflix lameness )


Saturday, 4 June 2011 09:37 pm
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Grrr. Argh. Yet another fic where virginity is more important than anything else a girl might have going on.

I vastly prefer the fics where people know their own depths once they stop toeing an imaginary line of morality.

It irks me beyond anything else that people have an entire fantasy world to play in and they can't help but recreate the oppression they already struggle under.


Today, when I got up, I made pancakes from scratch. Then we had dumplings (bought frozen from the local Chinese noodle house because they do them better than I ever would and there is an economy of scale saying it's cheaper to pay someone else to do it.) for lunch. In the afternoon while knitting and then spinning while watching a forgettable movie, The Good Witch, I baked the bread I'd set to knead earlier and then divided into a loaf and a pizza. In the evening while Simon was sleeping, I cooked sauce, browned Italian sausage and cooked off some pepperoni (if you cook it lightly, you can blot it with paper towels and the amount of grease removed is shocking) I added pre-shredded parm and mozz cheeses and baked it in the already hot oven. It was really good. We ate while watching A-Team reruns on Netflix Streaming.


Why do women's panties have seams on the inside? Seems like we should all rebel and wear them inside out.


I can get a free phone upgrade. I don't know what I want. I'd kind of like an Android-based phone because then apps would be available, but lately it's seemed like fewer and fewer apps are free anyway, so maybe I'd be better off with a phone that has better on-board functionality. I like Opera a lot better than FireFox because Opera actually works fresh out of the "box" but Firefox really needs extra (unvetted and no one promises you they won't crash everything) downloads or it's unusable. So maybe I should keep my eyes open. I'm completely unwilling to buy an i-product. If Verizon had gotten them 2 years ago, when I was shopping for new handsets and they had jack, then sure, I would have considered it. But now that I've switched providers, I really have no incentive.
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I found the smog test place I used last time. I printed the coupon.

[insert mental visual of *happy dance* here, because I fixed the be-damned printer and how hella useful has that been?!]

I didn't actually go and get the car tested, but I'm several steps closer. They want you to drive it for a while before having it tested, so it's kind of a hassle because I have to plan ahead and go somewhere with all my papers.

Gmail has re-enabled the imports. So I'm fetching my Opera-based incarnation's email now. That way if the Yahoo people actually follow through on their threat to cut everyone off, I won't be completely screwed. It wouldn't be a critical failure to lose my fic reviews, but it might make me sad.

I went to a new place for lunch. I had a cobb salad. Which I really enjoy normally, but this one was weird tasting. I liked the carrots in it but the salad itself was bland and then ridiculously salty and then bland and then cheesy... I couldn't figure out the problem until I got to the bottom and discovered there were chopped black olives in my dish. It had been diced and tossed before plating and they looked a lot like the bacon or the red edges of that red leaf lettuce. I dislike olives and they were not listed on the menu which had been seemingly explicit. My drink was excellent, but for $3, I kind of expect that in a non-alcoholic beverage.
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Weird conversation tonight.

Simon couldn't login to our Netflix account. I believe it is a typing error, though I couldn't tell you whether it was me or him making it. I was the one who set the password and it's possible my brain kerning was off so my mind saw "m" instead of "r n". But I can still type it and my computer is still auto-login just fine.

((Speaking of which, what the freaking hell do people with outside-venturing laptops do? Autologin is frightfully insecure but I kind of figure if my apartment's burgled I have bigger problems and honestly, any thief taking my computer would have to be buff.))

He said, "You better not die then." Because I can login to our account and he can't? He'd call them and recite the credit card number and they'd fix it for him... it's one of the benefits of paying people, you have verification inherently.

((Speaking of which, Ravelry was hacked. If you haven't changed your password, there are large warning messages all over the site and they're going to email people who don't fix it on their own.))

Then Simon stopped, wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and said, "Don't die anyway, I'd be having a lot of woe for other reasons."

It's just possible that the reason I don't like sitcoms is everything is too brash. That kind of thing would be too subtle for the heavy-drinking idiots featured in most sitcoms. But I felt loved.


One of those reasons would be the lack of ability to create food out of random things we happen to have--- partially because there wouldn't be random things because Simon loathes grocery shopping--- tonight I created a cheap-ass variant on beef burgundy.

Iron skillet from last night where I cooked steaks, hadn't been cleaned, so I added some chopped onions and let those cook gently in steaky grease. I added a small block of frozen hamburger. Simon saw the wine I'd opened last night (two-buck-chuck "shiraz") which is honestly just next to undrinkable and glugged some in. Then we added beef broth and let it cook on low until the block of meat had thawed. Once it was chunked up and things started to look more like sauce, I added some corn starch slurry to thicken. Served over homemade semi-rye bread and leftover mashed potatoes.

It was very tasty. No vegetables to speak of, so we had tangerines after.

((The government and it's food plate can FOAD.))

Simon was so pleased that he put the leftovers away without arguing or whining that he didn't want to. No one wants to put the leftovers away ever. It's an enormous hassle. But if no one puts the leftovers away then there aren't any leftovers that are safe to eat.


I limped through tai chi class today. I'd already run 2.5 miles, so I probably shouldn't have stayed for the whole class. Today the instructor was doing holding posture checks and I got dinged on not having my single-whip hand closed tight enough. He silently goes through all the students and repositions them. My hand got stuck shut after he closed it all the way and I got a palsy in that arm. (Which went away after I opened those fingers manually, so the tremors were probably from fighting that.) I knew I was tired and that hand doesn't work right anymore but it's a lot worse when I'm tired.

Good night.


I said something cool to [personal profile] pj today. I happen to wholeheartedly believe it, so it was nice that she liked it also.

It started when I saw Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. The soldiers coming home from the Crusade measure things as being "worth dying for" and finally one of them suggests that something worth living for is a bigger deal because they've all seen lives wasted.

Later I saw some mythology (probably Hercules The Legendary Journeys) where I came up with when you're likely to die doing something, it's like pulling the funereal coins off your eyes and gambling with them.

If you're going to spend the last coin you'll ever spend, you have to buy something worthwhile with it.

What I said today was, "Heroes are the ones who put the last coin they'll ever spend in the pot and play the cards they're dealt. But that doesn't make the ones who live less brave."
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I am slowly moving my mail to gmail. I remembered gmail having an import feature, but it's been disabled and is listed under "known issues". If you don't pay yahoo, you cannot forward mail or POP it. I might go look to see if there's another mail archive service. In the meantime I think I've grabbed everything that's pending from [personal profile] seryn's Yahoo Mail.

On the whole, despite being a gmail user for ages, I didn't think I was going to like using gmail for DW notifications because the subject lines don't keep things threaded like regular gmail conversations. However, the filters gmail has have already helped enormously. I don't have to manually archive my own comments. I can label them and mark them as read and have them archived automatically. Which might help me appear less narcissistic because I won't be tempted to reply to myself.


I hate putting laundry away. It makes ellipticals at the gym seem fun in comparison.

Of course Simon now wants me to vacuum. Bleah.


I skipped tai chi today. It's a really gruesome chi gong this month. The instructor only seems to know 4 chi gongs and the favorite one is the current one. It's got gobs of bending over, more reaching behind you than trying on 3 dozen bras during a lingerie sale, and you spend a lot of time reaching on the balls of your feet. It's too emeffing athletic. If I wanted athletic, I'd go to the Cardio-Super-Whup-Ass class (no idea what it's really called, but most of the people coming out look like they've been harmed by the experience) or I'd spend more time on the ellipticals. It's enough to make me want to find another gym. I pretty much hate the chi gong segment entirely even when it's a fun one--- the whole thing is supposed to be about energy channelling and frankly this isn't compatible with my energy work partially because the instructor doesn't actually believe in it and partially because they don't teach any grounding or framework but a lot of it is that it's just not how my energy goes. Every once in a while there will be something that meshes, but most of it is just like aerobics in the sense that it's useless handwaving.--- but the truly athletic chi gong makes skiving seem optimal. I wouldn't mind a class that just did 5 minutes of warm up and 15 minutes of tai chi. Actually if they could have that running continuously all day on a DVD or something in the stretching room, that would be awesomely useful.


I spun more yarn today. I took myself out for lunch... and I think I'm going to stop going to that place, the fries have really gone downhill. I wasn't too useful today though. No idea what we're going to eat for dinner. Breakfast was box-o-soup, squash flavor.
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I feel like crud after tai chi. I felt fine before going, but as soon as I was lifting my hands over my head, my head started to ache. As soon as we started to bend over for things, I started to get really dizzy. So, of course, today was a day with lots of position work where you have to hold the indicated posture while the instructor comes around to check your hand/body placement.


But today hasn't been that bad. I had an excellent breakfast (leftover stuffed salad with extra lettuce) and some of the best coffee I make. Then I decided I'd watch TV and yesterday's crisis resolved itself (someone called to fix it for me.)

I had the rest of the salad and the rest of the coffee for lunch. One of my friends was online and sent me a picture of herself and I teased her lightly for sending me naughty pictures... it's hot where she is and she's wearing something sleeveless. Goodness knows Victorian men's heads would have exploded if they saw bare shoulders since a bare ankle gave them all wood. So sleeveless with cleavage probably is enough to even give other women boners. And yes, I was entertained by this entire conversation, most of which I didn't share until now. I'm an excellent conversational partner. I'm like my own twin and we finish each other's sentences, so you don't notice most of the time.

I finished the new "level pack" of Cursed Treasure. well, mostly. one of the achievements is to get all the upgrades. But I got half the upgrade points (60 of 120) when I'd finished the last level and got every other achievement. Obviously the rest of the upgrades are pointless.

I'm still (STILL!) playing Gemcraft Labyrinth. I like it the best of all three so far. I mean the first one had the best "game" feel but the controls were kludgy and there were a lot of things that required too much mousing... the controls were better with Zero but the gameplay had way too much grinding... either you replayed the same level over and over or everything was too hard and you lost repeatedly. This has the better controls and minimized mousing (it's still a TD game so it's not all keyboard) but you can pretty much play a new level without losing and you don't absolutely have to replay previous levels to get upgrades.

Last night we had pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy. Best instance I've ever made. Considering that Simon had said he really wanted pork chops (of the 3 options I offered) but refused to help in the kitchen, the fact that I successfully did this is amazing. I put the cooked potatoes in the mixer. Much easier on me and less messy and the potatoes were mashed better... plus I was able to work on the gravy at the same time which isn't possible when manually mashing. Best instance of pork chops too... I buy boneless pork chops which I trim of that nasty fat rim before freezing. Then I thaw them in warm seasoned milk and coat with seasoned flour. Basically I make country-fried pork steak.

Tomorrow I'm going out for lunch. I'm determined. If I feel really great, I'm going to the fancy Asian fusion place the coffee woman likes. If not, I may go for nearby Thai food because mangos usually cheer me up.
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I'm trying to decide between eating homemade strawberry banana pancakes (there was leftover batter) and going out for a cheeseburger.

It's $someone_elses_holiday this weekend, so even though we never eat out on weekends (last weekend was an exception and Simon hated it so it will be a long time in coming again) I'm sure to want to when everything is shut.

tangent: thinking about majorities )

I'm about halfway through organizing my enormous stack of papers. That and returning my library book are the two tasks for today. If I went out for a cheeseburger, I'd be halfway to the library. If I ate pancakes at home, I could shred some while they were cooking.

and I have a followup

Saturday, 16 April 2011 09:11 pm
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Whole Foods is supposedly teaming with Goodwill to take donations, but just this weekend, and no one fucking knows which WFs are doing it. My experience of loading up the car with things that we have suddenly decided we do not have room for, driving to the store, and discovering that they have no idea what I'm talking about... extremely negative. It's almost as annoying as actually going to the Goodwill dropoff center--- which is in the worst part of town (and around here that means they don't bother putting murders from there on the news because it's too common to mention) off the beaten path in a parking lot that's shared with undocumented workers. It's completely unsafe to go there alone or at night. The idea that Whole Foods was going to circumvent that frought-with-peril experience was awesome. I'm totally disappointed.

Simon thinks Katy Perry has a great vocal instrument and likes the bouncy dance rhythms of her songs. I didn't argue too long with him about it, because we're so far apart in opinions that we can't even argue. I hate the bouncy dance rhythms and I think anyone who needs AutoTune to keep the pitch on their own singing is not a talented singer. I'm really disappointed in Simon's taste because he cannot detect her lack of singing skill. I have no problem with him not liking the one song because, well, I don't like it as it's performed. It's too hard to get past the crappy singing and the hideous bouncy rhythms in order to hear the actual song lyrics.

I did make it to the gym. I've pretty much settled on a cardio workout, I go 6 miles. But I'm tired of the cardio. I'd rather go 3 miles and spend time doing something else, but I wanted to get home before dark (the moon is full tonight, that's a bad combination even in a world without werewolves) so I was in a hurry.

Yesterday I made strawberry jam from fresh strawberries. Today I used some of that with lemons I bought at the farmers market to make strawberry lemonade. What makes me happiest about that is the contrast to how I felt yesterday when one of my friends said something true but which hurt my feelings--- I wouldn't have time for the things I did this week if I had a job or lived up to my adult responsibilities. It was phrased nicer than that and only applicable to a tiny fraction of a conversation, but I still took that and ran with it all the way into the endzone of "Other people think I'm useless." So it helps that I did something immediately demonstrably useful.
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I did something interesting, to me anyway, this morning. I made something that was a cross between a crepe and an omelet. It was thin like a crepe, but didn't have flour in it, like an omelet. I beat 2 large eggs with a tablespoon of milk and put them in a greased, pre-heated, non-stick 10" skillet and swirled it across the bottom and slightly up the sides. There's not enough egg to make the puffy style of omelet with this size pan, but 1 egg per person is more than enough egg for breakfast.

I got the official word that the gum surgery really did go much better than last time. Remember last time I wasn't allowed to brush for seemingly months? This time, 10 days... I'm even going back to the gym today. I could have gone yesterday but (see the following paragraph)....

The stuff I ranted about late last week in a locked post is still going on and there hasn't been a lot of progress. I'm no longer even angry about it, I'm mostly resigned because there's no possible way to sustain that level of anger without becoming ill from it. And I don't want to talk about it openly in public so Simon can.

I was really upset about the April Fool's stuff this year. I have an example which I didn't see until yesterday. Franklin Habit, whose blog, The Panopticon, I stopped reading because it was infrequently updated and frequently dull, and even more often filled with baby crud. I figured an openly gay man without children of his own might be able to resist baby crud, but when his niece was born, it was all baby all the time and he seemed to never knit anything else. Then he started doing this historical baby crud. Which made me think he was a bad knitter because no one would deliberately resurrect those patterns. They were ugly 200 years ago, they're even more ugly now that we have a choice, and it's still just about babies. Why on Earth would I keep reading that? But his 4/1/11 post, from the recommended for me tag in G-Reader, says knitting has palled for him and he's not as interested in finding new projects as he once was. I read that and was mentally nodding because that's how I feel a lot of the time, and certainly when I was still volunteering I didn't knit anything of my own. (Some of my interest is coming back though.) Franklin said a lot of his time has been taken up by his new hobby, NASCAR. I didn't catch on to it being a joke until then. Astonishingly what clued me in to it being a joke wasn't a gay man living in Chicago being interested in NASCAR, it was that a knitter would stop knitting to watch it. There isn't a lot of TV that's more knitting-friendly than auto racing. Maybe televised amateur golf would be more knitting-friendly but no one watches that. I still don't get why this is amusing though. I really don't understand why people feel this need to lie because of the date. It's not like it's an excuse. Or it isn't to me, because I'm holding it against people who lied to me.

I have a big pile of receipts to sort through today, and I really want a nap. I've also got an un-imaginable amount of laundry to do.

Oh, one more food thing. Peet's Coffee coffee costs about the same per pound as Longbottom Coffee coffee but really suffers in comparison. Yuck. I bought some because I didn't know how long it would take to receive my shipment and I ordered at the very last minute before the surgery. It takes 4 scoops of P coffee to make the 2-cup size pot I normally make (my cups are real cups) compared to the 2 scoops I normally use of the L coffee and the P coffee tastes a lot harsher and more burnt even so. Even actual cream doesn't completely rescue it.

Yesterday I spent some time watching Alain de Botton videos. I so enjoyed the lecture "On Pessimism" that I wanted more. His speaking style reminds me of David Sedaris in a number of ways. I wish de Botton's books read more like that though. I know I'm a lazy reader, but I also know that I enjoy de Botton's philosophy, so you'd think one would overcome the other. It actually does, just not the way I'd prefer, the way where my brain slovenly slouches off to linger slumped upon a lumpy and beaten sofa while slurping sugary soda from a warm two-liter bottle half filled with saliva and burping unpleasantly enough to scare away friends who might rescue it.
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Today I pushed out the corners of the duvet cover between me and the world. It doesn't actually make the cover bigger, but it does fit better just from untucking it a bit.


I had a mildly productive day today. I went out shopping. I found sports bras and looked at my "everyday pan" / "chef's pan" / "braiser/casserole pan" choices in person.

I found some adorable shoes that I did not buy because they only came in bright red.

And I went to a new place for a nice lunch.

But that was enough for one day. I would have done laundry but the laundry room was busy. I would have gone to the gym but I'd already done a lot of walking today.

I'm making my "everything lentil" soup tonight. I even planned ahead so I can puree the soup base with the lentils but still have meatballs (really meat cubes because I didn't thaw in advance and just cut the block of ground meat with a knife.) and those giant cous cous that are whole.

My shopping experience was okay. Read more... )
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I've been really productive today. I dropped Simon off at the train, went out for breakfast (it was mediocre, but I was able to park at the grocery store, and just once parking adds value), then I bought ingredients for curry.

It's just now 11am and I have plenty of time to go to the gym before knitting group. I am dreading knitting group because I will have to interact with V2 and V3 who mistreated me last week after pretending they wanted to be friends. I'd like it if the things I lent out came back so I could be quit of this even though that's completely unfair to the group since V2 and V3 are unreliable.

Media stuff. )

Are there diagrams of ergonomic sleeping positions? sleeping )

Also, if people have opinions about how to fix shoulder pain, I could use hearing about it. I'm considering acupuncture (know someone good who speaks English and who isn't creepy whose offices I can get to), cortisone shot (doctor offered that after feeling the tendon crackle all along my collar bone, saying to rest it and see but call if it still hurts in a month.), and "I'm an old lady, there's nothing I can do about it if it doesn't just magically get better on its own."

ETA. Definitely not having acupuncture. It's impossible to imagine myself being able to tolerate that much human contact.
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I made hot lemonade today. It was delicious. It's about the standard way you make lemonade except because I was heating the water, I used honey instead of sugar (my honey always crystalizes so it always needs help.) I also put the lemon zest and some whole spices in the water: cardamom, allspice, clove. Pretty much I poured spice-simmered honey water over the juice of two lemons. Then let it cool to drinkable.

I read some of the Airwolf fanfic found recently and I have to say that a lot of it is in character and true to the social mores of the era. It was really interesting, since I was a teenager during that time. But it's hardly worth picking up as a fandom since there's very little content.

Cartoon Network has been showing a lot of non-animated stuff. I'm not sure "watch us because we're just like everybody else" is the right kind of distinguishing rhetoric.

I understand that the Kansan-asswipes claiming they know God and Jesus better than anyone else does are going to picket the funeral of the 9 year old girl who was killed in Arizona. As much as I believe in the First Amendment, I also believe that people should know better and if someone goes around shitting on everyone else's trauma, their friends, acquaintances, random strangers should step forward and tell them not to do it until they learn better. It can't happen through enforcement of laws unless they actually step over a line, but I don't think we as a society should allow that kind of travesty. There is no one who thinks that little girl and her family deserve to be mocked. Personally I would like to see them struck dead by the God they profane, or any other gods. I'd be willing to pray for it myself.

I've been avoiding news pundits because of the stupidity of the coverage, but I did really like Jon Stewart last night. I also really liked the Colbert bit from like a month ago where he said we can't be a Christian nation and refuse to help people who need it. Whenever people decry how popular these comedic sources are for actual news, I just want to remind them that it's been a really long time since any other news outlet covered the news with any semblance of actual fairness instead of the false dichotomy of manufactured conflict. It's easier to pick out the facts from the comedy than the facts from the bias.

Kind of like how most of the people outraged about WikiLeaks are our supposed journalists... making me wonder if most of the rage isn't because WikiLeaks exposed how pathetic they are at doing their jobs. With the media we have today, Watergate would never have been exposed. Julian Assange is doing the grunt work for an entire industry. They wonder why newspapers are dying... it's not the internet that's killing them, it's that bloggers do more research and have fewer ads. Why pay for something in an inconvenient format when someone else is doing it better and for free in the format you want?

I need to knit myself more stuff. I like it better than most other people like it anyway.

I need to be able to keep track of what I've done at the gym a lot better than I am currently. I know I slack off because even I'm not looking. So Sunday I pushed myself to lift heavier weights and was sore all day yesterday. Today I was still sore but it didn't prevent me from doing laundry.

I'm not doing so well setting up Remember The Milk. I can add tasks, change categories of tasks and make tasks recurring, but there doesn't seem to be a coherent way to keep all of it straight. And until adding things is more automated and today's tasks are clearly indicated, it's just too jumbled to be of use. But I really think I could use help remembering to do things like clean the oven and the miniblinds.

and now I'm going to go drink some hot water and watch more TV.


Sunday, 9 January 2011 05:37 pm
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I need to post stuff to my community.

Old. I'm getting old. Today when I was making stew, I realized if I'd showered afterward instead, I wouldn't need to shower twice. Plus I could use some habit-forming help so I'm investigating Remember The Milk. Simon desperately needs this kind of help since his mental queue of tasks gets derailed by breathing.

I'm maintaining that 5 pound weight loss from the all liquid diet. Not the recommended way, but you know, whatever works. I get really ridiculously hungry about 30 minutes after I get home from the gym. So I've been stocking yogurt. Today's yogurt has apple juice, cottage cheese, and black pepper. It's so good. I'm going to buy mango next time I'm at the store. I could see banana-mango-yogurt being satisfying enough to count as an entire lunch.

If they made almond "milk" yogurt, I bet Simon would eat it. The soy yogurt is disgusting though.

There is Airwolf fanfic. And it's less scary than your first guess would suggest if you've been an HP fanfic reader. I don't think anyone would have guessed Drarry would become the dominant 'ship for HP--- I mean really, underage m/m slash? How is that arousing for middle-aged women? And how is it not skeevy if it is erotic for middle-aged women? (And a lot of it is written by middle-aged women, it's not mostly written by 14 year old guys.) So I sort of assumed Airwolf fic would be String and Dom. I didn't even want to look. Because, ::shudder::.

I need to upgrade my house-stereo. I'm not an audiophile but I want to be able to have music on, out loud, sometimes. It absolutely cannot run on batteries. I don't want to spend a ton of money. But it doesn't have to be stupid cheap either. I bought $25 Skullcandy earbuds (which I love), so I'm clearly willing to go for at least a midrange option.

Today's bread is three-grain. Oat, Rye, (whole) Wheat, plus the standard white flour. I made a double batch to go with the stew. Thick slice of bread and some sharp cheddar cheese along side the bowl means the stew lasts at least twice as many meals.

My haircut looks good after I've washed it and combed it myself. It doesn't stand up weirdly when I've pulled a sweatshirt over my head at the gym. So overall it seems like a good cut. Still skeeved over the salon though.
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I'm so stoked. :-D

There are 13 people in my new group. I'm not quite having a Sally Field moment, but it's close!

Knitting group today was crazy, but I was there and I'm not suffering now.

But I definitely will be taking something tonight. I've been having trouble sleeping since I stopped taking the pain killers. Nothing actively hurts but I get these twinges and there's this constant background ache. Most nights I wake up 4 or 5 times. But if I take the good painkillers for just the mild discomfort, I have to set 3 alarms to wake up.


Did I mention that I've improved my "normal" time for the mile on the elliptical machines? I'm down under 15 minutes! I told the head guy at the gym this today and he *boggled* for a second before realizing I wasn't kidding and was actually quite proud of this. I am extremely amused. I'm proud of myself too, but I love seeing someone's visible double-take.


I went for Thai food with the coffee woman today. She was so unhappy with her food that I also went to coffee with her. I'm *smirking* here, because she'd said, "Just lunch." And every time she says that we end up getting coffee after. I almost never go out for coffee alone, so it feels like a treat. And the amusement value of my internal nickname for her being that apt. :-D
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I saw that [personal profile] jack liked The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I actually disliked it so much that I suggested against reading it to someone who was asking for book recommendations. Conceptually it is not a bad idea to write a fantasy novel for adults, but in my opinion, stripping away all the fantastical elements and leaving only the drudgery and disappointment is a poor way to accomplish that. It is shelved with non-genre fiction at my local library because it is not a fantasy book. If you want to read a non-genre book where the characters are played by actors on loan from Stalinist Russian literature, help yourself. I don't like to read misery. If I did like misery and woe, chances are pretty good I'd love classics and then I still wouldn't be reading Lev Grossman's book because it's not well-written compared to the powerhouses of literature.

In other news, my mouth is healing mostly okay except for the part that had bothered me enough that I complained to the dentist and got this whole mess started. That is in the corner, right where my lower jaw muscles attach; when the gums had gotten detached, every time I moved my mouth, it would ache all the way to the bone. But having them pick at it today didn't feel especially good and I got really stressed. I should have taken something for that, but I figured I'd improve by being out of the office and at lunch. But once I got home and decompressed, I was crushed and slept for a while. I'd turned down the heat before leaving but not up when I returned and managed to get chilled during my nap. So I am cold and sore. I am supposed rinse with warm salt water.

My lunch was interesting. I went out for Japanese food and left hungry because my beef teriyaki was half solid fat. That was so gross that I actually left less of a tip because anyone serving it would have noticed. I went out for fries immediately after. Without having gone for the treat, I would have been completely miserable. That was a good application of $2. But people stare at you if you go into a McDonalds and just order a large fry.

I had to change jeans this morning. The tight jeans from last January fell down when I put my phone in the pocket. The new jeans (3 full sizes smaller than the normal jeans from a year ago) are very tight in the pockets. Going from W-is-for-wide sizes to sold-in-stores sizes netted me a massive decrease in pocket dimensions. But they fit and I don't mushroom over the top and I don't get skin creases from where the fabric digs in. (When I first got these, they left clear indications as to where the zipper and button and seams were, because they fit everywhere except the lower belly.)

shopping at home.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010 11:00 pm
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Today went well. I had good Thai food. I had a really nice mocha. I bought no yarn while yarn shopping. The only yarn I wanted... when I got home, I found that I'd already bought that 3 years ago and I had more of it than the store did.

The awesomeness lives with me. I keep it in plastic tubs and never look at them again, obviously.

Simon did not seem to mind me going out. Nor did I get a hassle for having spent $40 on lunch, coffee, and a magazine (that's a sum, and it was my turn to buy, so it fed 2 people.)
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I made breakfast this morning. (Well, it started last night when I peeled the eggs and mixed up the egg salad.) Egg salad on toasted English muffins.

Then I drove my SO to the train. I came home, answered email, drank coffee, and washed towels. I've been to the gym. I need another shower (woo hoo! clean towels!) and to do my toilette before my lunch "date" and then knitting group where I might actually be going it alone with a dozen knitters who all want help.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to consume several alcoholic beverages when I get home, so I'll avoid posting more today.

I have a dinner menu planned, but haven't started on it. If I have a few minutes, I'll wash the lettuce and peel carrots (they don't turn brown like potatoes), so when I get home there will be fewer steps left.

I do like the Kindle for reading at the gym. It's superior to having a physical book because I can make the print really big and turning a page only needs a finger. I need a better bag since my current tote is awkward, but otherwise, excellent. I especially like that I can be reading erotica or romance and no one sees the beefcake on the cover.
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So this is what's been going on.

I thought about writing. There's NaNo now, so I could be a joiner, but really there isn't a lot of support ambiently except from one's friends, so it wouldn't make any difference.

I do, however, have a really interesting HPfic idea that I would like to read. I don't think it's my style to write since I tend toward the introspective and grim stuff but I like to read smutty HEA... where the happily part includes Molly Weasley being absolutely crushed by her own petard, Harry throwing Ginny over for being a skanky whore, and Ron vanishing from the picture preferably with some sort of disease of the privates caused by misuse of broom handle wax.

I've got orig fic ideas as well, but bleah.

I have been knitting fiendishly. No idea why I got going on this, but I really did. I finished several things that have been hanging fire for months. And I have a sweater for me half done and I've only been working on it for 5 days.

Gym activity has been a little light, but the stupid expansion of DST has been making my mornings feel like I'm completely hung over. I fell asleep during breakfast today. Snoozed the alarm like a dozen times, got up and "made breakfast" which was handing my SO a pear on a plate, then slept through the news he was watching. Then I went back to bed and couldn't wake myself up despite the nightmares I was having where I drove my car off the edge of a parking lot and it was a cliff so I was falling while trapped in a car, and about to kill a bunch of people below.

Most of my time, however, has been filled with social activities. I had three "dates" this week. Sunday was knitting group at someone's home. Tuesday I went out for Chinese with the coffee woman from a month ago. And tomorrow I'm going for Californian food with another knitting woman before I teach. She wanted to do breakfast but I can't face the idea of meeting someone before it's even light out. Stupid DST.

election stuff, mostly not happy )
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Most of today has gone well.

So. Last year's "OMG you might have glaucoma" eye exam was not repeated this year. Same doctor. Same numbers. But this year it's not a problem. Wtf. And. as a PSA, real eye doctors no longer do that puff test. There are new diagnostic tools out there. So you should definitely look for one with new equipment.

The VSP stuff being every 12 months makes a lot more sense than "calendar year" eligibility, which was how it was explained last year. (I can't order my partially covered glasses until December.) I'm thinking I might not bother with it until January then because getting stuff done around the holidays is a real bear. But even though it's not as useful to have to wait to order my glasses, I don't have to mess with it right now or lose several hundred dollars in benefits.

I was, however, apparently a little stressed. I started to feel a bit ill by the time I had sufficiently relaxed at home. The unable to eat and kind of barfy feeling is usually a post-event sensation. But I went out to sit on the sofa and watched the new Sherlock (Masterpiece Mystery, PBS, still available streaming online if you didn't catch the airing.) I also knitted.

I am actually close to on track to finishing an entire sweater in a week. It's a sleeveless tank thing. The pattern is from Knitty so I don't have to re-derive my internal concepts all the time. I'm using an indy yarn, but it's off a commercial yarn base and it's pretty durable.

When I finally felt good enough to eat, I made ravioli (frozen food aisle) and a parmesan garlic cream sauce (scratch). I have to say that cream sauce is vastly easier when one starts with actual cream instead of faking it with milk and a roux.

Yesterday I went to the gym and was able to do 20 minutes of crosstraining elliptical. I also went out to a party where I had a good time and wasn't too maladroit.

On the whole, things are pretty damned good.

I feel like I've been run over, but there's no reason for it. Everything went fine. I'll grab a beer or make a very wet cosmo later if I'm still jittery. The stress reaction is because the appointment today could have been much worse.

And tomorrow's the election. So that means all those phone calls are going to stop! Yay!


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