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Monday, 21 May 2012 12:27 am
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I've found something even more embarrassing to admit that I watch than Glee.
why glee is embarrassing )
I watch American Ninja Warrior, you can laugh at me now. )
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So I'd rather be watching cartoons that debate the nature of who is a real person and whether you can be friends with a clone and talks about how to channel duly-earned anger so you don't get the people around you killed. But it's incredibly difficult to do so even though that's precisely what Young Justice is pretty much all about.

Instead I'm watching American Ninja Warrior. Read more... )

I've been watching Monk too. But eh. It's hard to identify with the characters on the show even though it's set in California. For whatever reason they're all culturally really alien to me. I'm sort of wondering if they filmed it in New York because it's got that "We're not Californians." vibe. The most irritating thing about the show though is the song... I didn't start watching until a few months ago, after the series was over and the whole thing is on Netflix streaming. It's REALLY hard to fast forward through bits of a show like the theme intro.

Awake and on tv.

Monday, 7 May 2012 02:15 pm
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I figured out why I'm struggling to enjoy Awake. I didn't see it on the TV, but found it via Hulu. (Which explains the thing I heard about Hulu requiring a cable subscription... no one is really reaching the DVR user market in terms of new shows. And now that 6 things I watch are ending this year, I'm really wondering why I should bother paying for cable.)

Awake is about this guy (played by the actor who did Lucius Malfoy, but sans wig, he looked better prissed up) who is seeing both paths from a diverging quantum event. In one version, his wife lives and his son dies during an auto accident. In the other version, it's just him and his son left. He switches realities when he sleeps. Weirdly each reality informs the other for him professionally (he's a police detective), so details from a case that interferes with watching his son's game will end up being crucial to solving the one that makes him late to the dinner with his wife.

But what really bothers me is the two therapists. One has his female therapist proving that she's in [the/a] real world, and being somewhat supportive. The other has this male therapist telling him that the other world is a dream and being a complete dick about his continuing belief in that reality also being true. But that's the reality where the therapist was assigned by his work and the main character must endure.

I hate shows where we all know better but the character must endure the suffering. I find myself reluctant to watch the show because I hate that guy who blames the main character for his miraculous bifurcated life.


In other news... I'm really irked that something trumps House in my recording preferences. I know I'm going to get spoiled on that before I can see it because of the stupid-ass delay in the online streaming sources.

Which is again something that irritated me about the newest season of Sherlock. There were enough spoilers that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the first episode. spoilers, myself ) And since I watched it during the US premiere, it seems like the people who were stealing the content should shut up about it.
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What the freaking hell happened to Netflix? I had to check the calendar to see if this was a prank.

They've decided to spin off the DVD service within the next month. AND the announcement says that there won't be any interchange for queue and ratings. It'd be like starting over with the new company. If I'm going to start over, why wouldn't I start over with someone else?

It makes me not want to have their streaming anymore either. Because, hello, quite bitchy to spring that kind of thing on customers.

I'm also appalled that they didn't have a mechanism to opt-out at the end of the billing cycle, but in advance. The explanation seems to say that if you don't cancel your DVD subscription, they're going to give your credit card information to a new company but without setting up your queue or ratings or anything else. I believe that's something that should be illegal.

Which is why I'm completely skeeved about keeping their streaming content.

Amazon does have some streaming content included in Prime, but not nearly enough.

tv: [new] Thundercats

Saturday, 30 July 2011 04:01 pm
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Oh how I loved the new pilot for Thundercats. It's even better than the old cartoon was because they actually did something for the back story. It's got good animation and a good world to build upon. I'm not keen on the voice actors... I think they're recycling someone who is the voice of someone else and I can't quite place him, but I don't think he fits. Hopefully he was one of the characters who won't be taking center stage very often.

It is not often that I finish watching something and think, "I want to watch that again, right now."
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One of the things that surprises me is how much I am enjoying Doctor Who now. When I started, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming.
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Let's see.
I've been watching Doctor Who. Which I enjoy for the writing especially the dialogue but which I dislike for the premise and for the chick. I'm watching from the Netflix Streaming and we've just finished "Amy's Choice", thus my several previous attempts to talk about this devolved into ranting on a well-trod train of thought.

Glad Burn Notice and Leverage have returned. The Summer season of shows are actually better than the traditional networks' shows, and they're not bitchy about re-showing them and having them available online. (I'm talking to you Mentalist.)


Bought some k-books that had been in the wishlist for a while. Bianca D'Arc stuff mostly, Samhain published. I have really liked some of her stuff but what I got wasn't that great. Maybe the other stuff was only good because it was longer? I started with the shorter ones and they're novellas seriously lacking in plot. They pretty much have one crux and then it's just sex. To me, the definition of a one-shot story is when there is a single issue to be resolved, regardless of how much other padding is included. So although they have some length, I consider them short stories and I am fairly disappointed by the value.

Rare Vintage was a disappointing vampire story because the plot involved completely stupid choices on the parts of the central characters. And if they're really that stupid, how could they possibly have survived for centuries? But the real kicker is that it violates my inherent rational for loving vampire romances. spoiler ) I might have liked it more if the vamp in book 3 of the series hadn't made just a cameo appearance.

Warrior's Heart, eh. I don't much believe in "boy comes home from the war to marry the girl next door." But assuming I can suspend that incredulity, this is a superhero origin story book. You'd think there's nothing not to like there, but you'd be wrong. Because A) the author didn't spend any time on that aspect despite describing the locale distinctly and B) there wasn't any focus on the hero and how he's learning to use his powers. There was a lot of sex in it, but not a lot about the heroic stuff. The heroic powers were kind of weirdly assorted too... If you take your standard Justice League characters, you don't give someone a magic plane and super speed because that's just dumb. You don't take someone whose powers are activated by proximity too another and forget to add the other to your lineup. Neither of those were what the author chose here, but the combination is equally idiotic. spoiler )

Again my problem with Warrior Heart though is that there's very little plot developed in advance. The heroine tells the hero that she's "safe" when he asks her about condoms, but doesn't explain. When later it turns out she's had a hysterectomy, the lack of foreshadowing makes that seem like the author was throwing textual spaghetti against the ceiling of her story and seeing what would stick. The actual origin story for the superpowers is kind of offensive to me spoiler ). So, overall, this was a potentially interesting series that was so badly written that I cannot accept it as the reader.

Damian's Oracle (free) by Lizzy Ford was better than the two D'Arc books I bought. But the other Lizzy Ford that's free, "Mind Cafe" (it's a short story, but the line between those is really blurry to me now that I read them in the same media context and they cost the same) is horrible because there is no plot what so ever and it's angsty for no reason--- as in since nothing is considered or resolved it's just there to twang your heartstrings and make you feel sad just in case you don't have any pain in your idyllic life [you motherfucking asshole]. I hate stories like that because it's just a giant bitch-slap from the author. Even though I would like to read the sequel to the Oracle book, I might think twice after reading the short story.
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I've been watching MacGyver from the Netflix streaming. I'd almost forgotten why I thought the show was awesome. I especially like the prologue stories before the main story starts. Those are tight.

Funny post on being way older than everyone around you: Life as an old fart This was locked, sorry.

Still watching the Mythbusters streaming stuff, but even though I'm in season 1 still, it's being taken over by the trio of "can we make this more lame?" I really dislike them. Not because they're not smart... we've seen evidence that Grant's really great at electronics (though we're not at Grant season yet) and Tory has this subtle vibe around explosives and guns that makes you think he had experience. No idea what Kari was good at. But they don't play to those strengths, ever. No one on their team thinks anything through. It's sort of the anti-science whenever they're on board.

Strangely, Simon IM'd and told me I was cool. He was indicating a comparison with some other thing, but I didn't take it that way. I said, "Oh. I will get a sweater."

Simon has me watching the new Doctor Who show. It's available streaming from Netflix, well, sort of available in that it's like years behind what the BBC is actually showing. It's BBC, BBC-America, SyFy, Netflix. And it seems to take an extra year at each locus. I don't like Doctor Who. This incarnation seems vaguely tolerable in that if I didn't already have preconceptions causing there to be dislike to overcome before I even watched one, I might enjoy it. But I find that it's too scary. I loathe time travel. And I hate incompetence. The very first episode I saw, the Doctor seemed like he had a clue. The Tardis ended up where/when it was supposed to be, the people who were assigned various tasks, although idiotic, were aptly suited for those tasks. Normally, in the Doctor Who episodes I've seen, filmed back when they used actual film and the world wasn't all the way in color yet, The Doctor is a fuckwitted moron and the people who travel with him are cretins. So this is a tremendous improvement. (To clarify, I'm watching the bow-tie current doctor, not the one who was on Weakest Link and sang his themesong (which is instrumental). I watched a couple of those and had this tremendous desire to hurt myself to make it stop.)

There's a restaurant here that puts giant homemade egg noodles in tom yum soup. It's fantastic and I'm kind of wondering why more places don't do that instead of those nasty looking mushrooms. I really hate those. Not just because I hate mushrooms, which I do, but these always look like small penises. And it makes me wonder why anyone thought they might be worth eating.

I watched a Good Eats recently where Alton Brown cooked with ramen noodles. I have had issues with him for a while now, but is there anyone who doesn't see that as a shark-jumping moment?

My home is not arranged correctly. It seems like I should be able to fold and put away clothes while watching TV, but we don't like having electronics in the bedroom (so there's no TV and no computer in there, there's an alarm clock but that's it.) Then I'm wondering why we have clothes in the bedroom. I don't change clothes after sleeping, I change clothes after bathing. So it seems like a small room that has no closets and just room for the bed and a couple hooks for robes would be ideal. There would be a room for clothing storage elsewhere. Preferably adjacent to the viewing room. It just doesn't make sense that sleeping and dressing are conflated. It's probably leftover from when we were children and bedrooms were where we kept our personal stuff. It's probably also leftover from when people had families. My whole apartment is my space for my stuff. Simon uses the whole apartment as his space for his stuff too. So why does this have to be like that. I will have to think on it. It might make a difference in terms of what I'd like in an apartment.

There's some really stressful stuff going on here this week. Not about me. And I can't really talk about it. So I'm mostly trying to keep going since an engine stall from this height could be crash-inducing.
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Every once in a while I wonder why I have Netflix because it usually takes me a week to finish a disc and I never have time to watch the streaming stuff (for not having a job, I'm usually busy during the day and Simon is usually asleep in front of the TV).

But yesterday we were out of cable-originated content and looked at what was in the instant queue on our Roku. Simon and I watched half of the MacGyver pilot... I had forgotten how much I loved that show. I still love it even now that it's 30 years old.

(Knight Rider is still awesome too. I mean, laughable now, with 30 year old tech, but still awesome.)

Simon couldn't stand it and wanted to stop after the halfway point.

Today I got out my craft stuff (so my apartment is getting toward reassembled) and watched 2.5 episodes of Mythbusters. Those early ones where it's just Jamie and Adam and they do 3 myths but straight through and without annoying commercial lead-ins--- they're astonishingly good. Admittedly the science and the techniques and the equipment are a LOT better in the most recent shows, but the format from the beginning is vastly superior. I'm wondering why they added the younger trio--- I'm suspecting it's the same kind of thing as why YA books are YA because they have under-age protagonists, not because of anything else about the book per se.

Watching these things (and an ancient episode of Knight Rider that was recorded off a local access channel, go figure.) I'm really floored by the difference between that and the Body of Proof main character. I'd love to see how that would have played out if the ME in that wasn't a mother.

Yesterday I left a comment for someone who was looking for books that showed female characters being superheros. I don't have any kids, but I do read a lot of kids books because I used to be at the library all the time and I like things with large print where we're guaranteed a happy ending. I also like my fantasy non- x-genre which doesn't exist in the adult market because the publishers aren't big fantasy or science fiction fans, so they assume no one else is, so they only buy books to print that are delving into other niche markets. But that doesn't usually work for either niche market and the books don't sell and the publishers think they were justified in trying for a larger audience since even that didn't work.

I recommended The Lost Conspiracy by Francis Hardinge as being really amazing book. I suggested the obvious Tamora Pierce--- and that they should be pre-read for age appropriateness. (I think they have too much sex in them even though it's non-mentioned... just because we see that the girls in previous series are now married and bechilded in later series.)

But the comment was that the little girl wanted to be a boy so she could be Spiderman.

I wanted to be Spiderman when I was 5. But I wasn't gender-aware enough to think that was something out of reach because I was a girl. It was out of reach because spiders are horrendous monsters and I didn't know enough chemistry or sewing to make my own webshooting costume. I also wanted to be the Japanese boy who could call the giant robots to rescue him from bullies--- Goldar Silvar and Gam. And when I was 5, the only reason this wasn't happening for me is I didn't know any robots...

So I didn't think I needed to be a boy to do great things. I just needed the opportunity.

If we have little girls now who think they have to be boys to do anything special, then we need to get shows like Body Of Proof (where the extremely talented woman is continually undermined mentally and societally by her "failure" as a mother) off the air before they cement that idea.
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re: Mentalist:
I find myself hoping that Theresa is Red John's inside man in the CBI. I really hate her. It won't be her, of course. They've spent too much show time building her up.

re: Body of Proof. I watched all of the third ep and they didn't have her bleating on and on about her lost lamb. But the whole plot was centered on how as a neurosurgeon she didn't care about people and now that she's got a less demanding job, she can nurture and connect with people. I'm thinking this is going in the bin, but I might watch one more.

re: House (I'm a week behind on these.) I liked Masters a lot more in this episode than I ever have in the past. Having her converse with her roommate really helped make her an actual character instead of a characterization. spoiler )

re: Mythbusters. Yeah. Everyone I knew at one point watched this show and I finally started just so I wasn't left out. But hardly any of those people are left in my life now and I'm still watching. Some of the stuff Adam and Jamie do is way cool. I don't really like the trio of Tory, Grant, and Keri. Part of that is the way they push themselves into caricature. Part of it is that they often seem to do things backwards in order to get the visual effect... like when they destroyed 4 full size cars to test stuff they knew was bogus and any small scale test would have negated the need. When they do extreme stuff just so it's worth filming, but the actual science wasn't that interesting, it bothers me. I know we didn't see all the experiments Adam and Jamie were doing with the masks because they showed a clip with Jamie's dog on Colbert which wasn't in the episode. Instead we got to watch Kari screeching about some random shit they were blowing up. Maybe they should make it a half-hour show and ditch the trio. Maybe Kari is preggo again and they'll bring back the smart girl who subbed.

Netflix is streaming MacGyver now. That's from more than 20 years ago. Knight Rider is from almost 30 years ago. And I find that even though these shows were about people who are 20-something, that those 20-somethings are not as completely fuckwitted as the current crop of TV's 20-somethings.

tv: Body Of Proof

Monday, 25 April 2011 09:22 pm
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We started watching Body of Proof recently. I don't especially like it. There is too much going on and so much of it is unbelievable.

The ME is brilliant like House, focused on solving the crimes like Quincy, and gooey enough to be a marshmellow peep.

I'm really confused about the whole daughter angle. And I'm sort of offended because if the main character were a man, there wouldn't be any of that in there. It's like we can't see a professional woman who is wholly successful without harping on how this means she's a terrible mother. And yet, we didn't see Perry Mason's son until he was a lawyer himself. So I'm kind of wondering why the ME woman is upset. She's divorced. Her husband got complete custody. So she's free to focus on her career. Problem solved. The flashbacks indicate that she was really career focused in the first place, to the point that one wonders how she managed to be pregnant while being a neurosurgeon since she was unable to slow down for anything, so it really doesn't seem like not having her daughter around is a problem. Eh, win some, lose some. But the scripting keeps indicating that she's really broken up about this perceived failure. And I don't understand it. There's no characterization which indicates why this would matter to her and certainly nothing where she would feel guilty for not putting her family first before saving people's lives.

If we could get rid of the "women are supposed to be good mothers!" angle, the show might become interesting. Right now it's not. I like the science in it, but not the way the science is unexplained and the intuitive leaps are not connected.

I recently re-watched a Quincy episode and he was a total horndog hedonist. But he did good work and no one minded what he did in his off hours because he was really brilliant. But he was really overstepping his job description by constantly doing the police's work for them.

We're shown the main character being brilliant. But I'm not thrilled that she seems to be stepping on police toes as well. Now that police have CSI teams and are trained to not contaminate evidence, one wonders why they need a ME, 2 assistant MEs, an investigator from the coroner's office, and 2 police detectives to solve single cases one at a time.

Still, a show about smart people being smart.. That doesn't suck.
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I am withdrawing my recommendation for Being Human. The concept behind the show is that monsters who want to be human have to work harder at it--- but what I was looking for was that they seemed like regular people aside from the monstrosity aspects that they struggled to control.

If this is what regular people are like, then I'm really not interested. I remember being 20 and 25 and not being able to find somewhere nice to live and a job I could stand and everything I needed to have the kind of life I'd left before college when I lived with my established parents... but I didn't have sex with my co-workers at work, I didn't go out to "have fun" by killing people, and I was able to have a life outside the search for a lifemate.

Whenever I see young 20s people on TV now, they act like 18 year olds did... you know, just first having their adult responsibilities and kind of flailing to make it work. They often make ridiculously stupid choices that don't make any sense to anyone who isn't caught up in the heat of the moment.

spoiler example )

I can't enjoy watching shows like that.

When I saw one of Kevin Smith's Q&A shows, where he said he didn't really like Zack and Miri as characters. As he watched the movie, he personally kept thinking they should get jobs instead of finding a scheme to make money. Because the thought modes you have as a 40 year old person who has a family and a home are completely different than the ones people who are just starting out have.

What bothers me most is that I was an extremely responsible person even at 14-15 years old. So I, honestly, would never act like most of the 20-something characters on television now. I keep thinking, "Grow the hell up before you get someone killed." And that's exactly the crux point why I'm disappointed in Being Human.

stuff I'm watching

Thursday, 17 March 2011 10:58 pm
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I really enjoyed the most recent Criminal Minds.

Guiltily, I watched all of Face Off and enjoyed that. Read more... )

I didn't like tonight's Bones. But I have Cam's hair. If you were wondering what my haircut looks like, it's pretty close to that. Although I'm not visually like her and she probably has thicker hair than me. Reason for disliking it... Bones has gotten stupider and less physically competent throughout the series and there was less amazing smart stuff in this episode even than usual. I don't like any of those characters. I watch it because the science and faux-science is interesting.

I'm sorry the NCIS set killed someone IRL because I miss that show.

I'm getting really tired of House. Read more... )

I stopped watching Chuck. Read more... )

There are more things I'm watching, but these are the ones I can think of without concentrating.


Monday, 7 March 2011 04:09 pm
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I would have liked it if they did more of the really good documentaries.

Circus was added to Netflix streaming and I thoroughly enjoyed rewatching it. I would like to have seen the 2010 season as well (the show was 2009's).

There was a documentary about Cirque du Soleil too and that was also awesome and I would have liked to see more years of that too.

I'm not completely sure these don't count as "reality tv" because there are a lot of these video diary type moments and such, but it's still about being in the circus. It's not artificial and manufactured. These people were in the Big Apple Circus even if there wasn't a video crew following them around. Survivor and Amazing Race and all the clones of those... the people in them would not be there without the show.

What's the difference between a documentary and reality tv? I think it's exactly in whether the people are there because of the filming or if the filming is an added layer. Madonna's video of her concert tour--- not the concert themselves, but the whole back stage and traveling and the ongoing weirdness of caravanning around the world--- that wasn't reality tv with it's implied sleaziness.

Both the Cirque du Soleil and Big Apple Circus documentaries were great advertising vehicles in that they promoted a show I would never have otherwise considered viable for my entertainment into my conscious investigation. I looked into whether I could see the Big Apple Circus (can't it's on the wrong side of the country, always). I wouldn't have even thought of them otherwise.

I might see Cirque du Soleil sometime. The tickets are really expensive and really hard to get for the traveling show. But I really had figured they were a "child-required" show since they've named themselves a circus and the documentary changed my impression of their show a lot.
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I'm doing better today. What a difference a day makes. Someone needs to come up with a non-swallowed antibiotic. I was taking the narcotic pain pills because I knew something really hurt but it was belly cramps and I was too out of it to realize it wasn't just in my head. That's extremely lame.

I'm not well by any means. TV watching is kind of beyond me. But mostly I'm just hungry in a way that drinkable food doesn't satisfy.

I read some more k-books. Shit from Ellora's Cave. I'm going to add them to the magic bookmark to be filtered.

I really dislike reading D/s stuff when it's not roleplay. I think it's wonderful that there are women who are so confident in themselves and their femininity that they've gone completely dominant in their everyday lives and they like playing at submissiveness---at least fictionally. The EC shit from today was women who can't get off without being actively hurt by their sexual partners. Including anonymous unprotected sex. Because they're career women and they have to make real decisions so they need this to get off. WTF. Apparently feminism was good enough to get them the jobs they wanted but it ruins sex? It wasn't good fiction either because there's no explanation how someone could go from never trying this to accepting life-endangering acts. I miss fanfiction and its warning labels.

The current state bookmark searching for free Amazon Kindle books that aren't public domain, excerpts, samples, religious, etc. As usual caveat emptor because Amazon's price database gets fuckups. If it doesn't say it's free, it isn't, even if it matches this search. (I haven't made the EC change yet):

I watched some Rizzoli & Isles. meh. I feel a little sorry for all the people who left Law & Order and thought they were going to have great careers, because none of them have made it anywhere. (Angie Harmon is Rizzoli, a hard-bitten Boston detective without an education... it's really a reach for her compared to her legal whiz role before. The first two sentences were actually connected.) And it really seems like her whole life would be vastly improved if she'd fucking moved out of Boston. Her family is ludicrous and they hold her back by being stupid and intrusive and making her look bad at work. I like the Isles character, but it's kind of like DS9, in that the situations with Isles are limited to what comes to her. She's not a forensics coroner like Quincy before there was CSI who actually collect evidence. So she's mostly in the lab. I've seen 3 episodes and she's been held hostage in all of them, in her lab, in police headquarters, which makes the Boston PD look like they should all be fired and a brand new force hired entirely from somewhere else where they don't grow 'em stupid.

I also read the second Collegium book by Mercedes Lackey (last Sunday, before the lameness), but that deserves its own post. It takes her years and years and years to write more Valdemar, I can at least bitch about it in its own space.
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I washed a scarf today. Yay me. It's still drying. The joys of bulky-weight wool yarn during the winter. After a day, I needed to move the scarf to a dry towel.

Today I read a book. The new Diana Wynne Jones one. It was decent for a kids' book. Could have been a lot better if the same story had been rewritten for people who can use multisyllabic words. Reading the book was a lot like being a kid because stuff seems to happen randomly, but as an adult I realized that it hadn't been really random, but the events were based upon subtext that was vastly over my head at the time. This book had a lot of that, but it's narrated, not a first-person story. So I'm wondering where modern authors get their stock of butt-stupid narrators who have no clues whatsoever. It's like Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes mythos, only the narrator here doesn't have any interest in explaining things to the reader. I was annoyed.

I also watched last week's House. I really dislike the new girl. I hate the House-Cuddy relationship, though I do believe that House pined after her and no one else would really suit his preferences. The episode was the slave ship one. Interesting that Bones does a slave thing and House does a slave thing in the same week? More like cheap of Fox to reuse the sets. I didn't think this episode had good medicine in it, and I thought everyone was OoC. I realize canonical episodes cannot, by definition, be OoC, but this was. This episode was so bad that I'm glad we recorded the Chuck instead and I'm about ready to drop Chuck entirely from my viewing menu.

This week's NCIS was the second of the two-parter and I cannot figure out what happened. The first part was tolerable, at about the same level as most of the NCIS episodes lately have been. The second half was random, bizarre, and pathetic. It was full of flashbacks and inside jokes and had Ziva being smarter than the average bear. I guess when your team is up 21-zip, you can send in the JV and let the other team score on you a bit since you're going to win anyway and that way your good team is rested for next week?
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I'm looking into what would be the best media setup.

I'd like to be able to play music out loud in the main room without having the TV on.

We want to be able to watch TV content.

We're ready to scrap everything and start over.

So anyone with pointers to how to design a media setup for 2012 would be appreciated if they share the information.

Anyone with an opinion is welcome to jump in.

Read more... )
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pre-script: Tomatoes from the farmers market really make a sandwich delicious.

Hulu has video clips for each of the major networks pitching new shows for this season. I've had trouble finding new shows ever since we got TiVo because the TV wasn't just on while I was in the kitchen getting drinks. Plus we fast forward through ads just like we did with the VCR, but for years I haven't watched anything live. It means I can skip ahead when they recap what's already happened on cooking shows (one can watch a Rachel Ray show in about 60 seconds after removing all the recap, all the "here's how to chop an onion" which they show EVERY time, watching her carry stuff, watching while the camera zooms in on her giggling, and zipping through the rest in the low-level fast forward and the idiotic part where she dishes up even though no one is going to actually eat it and regular people cooking for one serve out of the pot. I save a lot of time and got to watch even more TV because of the TiVo. But it seemed like there was never anything on.

I found the show Life 3 episodes before it was canceled. I started watching Castle after season 1. I didn't start watching Criminal Minds until the middle of season 2 (and that's really hard to catch up on because they didn't put out the first season DVD until season 3 had started). We completely missed Blood Ties--- though admittedly it didn't take long for that to drift into the prejudicial attitude, I sometimes think that if I'd been watching it from the beginning, then my posts about the show would have affected the directions the writers took indirectly.

I haven't managed to watch the previews for the new seasons yet. It looks like there's a buttload of reality programming upcoming and even more stupid shitty sitcoms. But if there's a diamond in that rough, at least I was looking for it.
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Huh. I watched that creepy Lie to Me episode more than a month ago, the one where the college guy is a serial killer and also sleeping with his psych professor. ("Beat the Devil") I remember thinking I should look up who that was because for a guest actor, he was really good.

It's, ready?, Jason Dohring. He's Logan on Veronica Mars. And absolutely my favorite character there. He was the vampire entrepreneur on Moonlight, and probably could have saved the show if he'd been the focus (not the actor per se; that character was just way more interesting than the loser Mick). So at least I'm consistent.

I'd stopped to look up whether there was going to be more Doc Martin and to check whether Veronica's dad and the police guy on True Blood were the same guy--- they're not, just kinda similar balding men. I would have been hugely HUGELY impressed if they had been the same guy because the True Blood guy (the one who plays Andy Bellefleur) has such a thick accent and the Keith Mars guy sounds like a regular person. (I live in California; I'm completely entitled to think that California-set show sounds "normal".) Weirdly enough, Louisiana show guy is from California and the California show guy is from Toronto. So maybe I should still be impressed with the True Blood detective because he must have learned that rube-ish speechifying from somewhare.

Thinking about the True Blood series, I have 2 problems. 1) Supposedly the author of the books wants the treatment of vampires to reflect the treatment of gays. But you can choose to be a vampire, it's not something you're born into. Some people are forcibly converted, as we're shown, but it reflects something that happened either by choice or victimization. And we as a society definitely blame victims of rape for being in the wrong place or wrong crowd or wrong outfit, even if we're acknowledging that they didn't mean for the worst to happen. Generally we believe bad people deserve the bad things to happen to them and the corollary that if bad things happened, you must have pissed Jesus off. And 2) my second problem is that again they're making the guy who doesn't like being a vampire the center of the story. I get internal conflict making a good layering for books and all, but looking at the situation, aside from living in Louisiana (which sucks for everyone, fanged or no, even if they don't always recognize it) seems like being a vampire would be an improvement.

Someone really should write a story about supernatural creatures who are pleased about it. I guess that's kind of what the first Twilight book was. But most of these shows and books with vampires whinging about wanting to be human again are really annoying. It's like reading Superman's diary where he spends pages bitching that he has to wear ugly glasses and can't get contacts or Lasik. I'd be like, "Um, dude. Bitch much? Either tell everyone or don't, but don't whine that your life totally sucks when that's your only issue."

Fifth Doc

Monday, 16 August 2010 04:12 pm
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I finished the fourth "season" of Doc Martin last night. Really dislike the whole British 8 shows per season thing. Honestly, the TV people should own up. They only do one "season" per year anyway, they might as well call them that... but then people might expect something closer to 50 episodes. No reason a timeslot couldn't share with another 22 episodes per year show. And British shows could get 6 whole seasons of shows sharing a slot.

I did enjoy this, but less than the previous years'. Previously Martin would do what he felt was the right thing regardless of what was popular or acceptable. These episodes had Martin ignoring the pregnant Louisa which is clearly not the right thing to do and he knows better. I did like it when Martin walks out on the bitch queen Edith, because that was the right thing to do. I also liked Pauline's role in the end and how she handled him.

Supposedly there will be a fifth season, but they won't even start filming it until next year.

It's so weird to watch British shows when they do that. It takes about 2 years for them to air here, and usually the moderately popular shows seem to need the money from American stations showing the shows before they can decide whether to make more seasons. Then they need to re-option the actors and schedule everything else, which takes about 2 years before they even start the filming. Then it will take about 2 years before they're showing it in America again. So, not only are British seasons only about a third of the length of American programs' seasons, they only come out every five years. That's about 60 minutes per year on average.

Making the Harry Potter movies in England with only British actors must have been completely miraculous. They must have used every set and every camera and every film actor in the whole country to get 8 3-hour movies in 12 years. Maybe that's why there's such a delay, they don't have any crews for working on anything else.

tv: haven

Tuesday, 10 August 2010 12:25 am
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Haven is not likely to survive my personal ax another episode.

Every episode has some strange morphing of a regular person into a monster, unintentionally and beyond their control.

And in every episode, the monster is isolated voluntarily. But not restrained in any way by anyone in authority.
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