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seryn: flowers (Eryngo)


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Created on 2009-05-02 04:35:39 (#200251), last updated 2017-03-03 (111 weeks ago)

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Normally I'd have stuff to say about myself, avid reader, kindle user, lapsed geek, fanfiction reader, loves tv dramas (hates sitcoms), avid cook, fiber crafter (knitting spinning weaving dyeing).... but a huge portion of my life and attention is going toward managing my lifepartner's illness right now.

Until this year most posts were unlocked and getting access from me was irrelevant really. Now not only are there more locked posts, but there are sub-groups. One of the subgroups, the health filter, is opt-in only. I'm never going to add people to that filter without their asking, but you shouldn't be shy about asking since the only reason I'm excluding people is because I want to protect non-volunteers from my gloom and doom.

(Sept 2011)

ps. Should you see an icon indicating posted by phone, that means I cannot reply to your comments from where I am, I can read them though and will get back eventually.

pps. If you want to reach me privately and a PM is insufficient, the displayed email (shown to registered users) does forward to a real email address, or you can PM me and ask for a more direct email.
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